Sunday, 19 February 2012

Since transplant

Well I need to get back to the land of blogging....I haven't blogged in ages about what I have been doing and I promised myself that I would carry on doing this blog after transplant to keep up-to-date with everyone, so I could look back on how far I had come and to raise awareness and show people what organ donation really does do for another person and the people around them.

So it's been 6 months since my transplant on 20th February and I have been so busy! I have had a few weekends away in the first few months after getting out. One was a weekend in Brighton with Scottings which was bloody great...I walked up and down the pier without too much of a struggle. Another weekend was to Lowestoft to see his nanny, grandad and auntie Stella. It was lovely and we hope to be going back up there again soon.

In November I was back in hospital for 2 weeks because my lung function wasn't increasing as much as they hoped so they gave me iv's (thank god I still have my port) and 3 days worth of Iv steroids. These left a horrid taste in my mouth and felt like I had been chewing and sucking on pennies - really metal taste. Yuck! I busted out for the weekend to go to one of my best friends birthdays....we went for a meal and dance after and was lovely! Although I didn't really dance as I was still wobbly on my feet and it's the first time I wore mini heels...not my brightest idea I know! It was VERY strange being in there for 2 reasons: it brought all the transplant memories back as it had only been just over a month since I left, and I wasn't feeling ill so had all this energy and couldn't do anything about it.

Xmas was amazing! Emotional but brilliant. We had Scott's mum and dad at ours for dinner for the first time which was great as I've always been close to them but, like I said before, the transplant has brought us even closer together. We spent time up daddy's pub with Lisa and her family and a few of the regulars. I got fantastic presents from everyone as usual, managed to eat a pile of dinner as I could actually taste it and eat loads this year, and after dinner we attempted to set off sky lanterns for my donor because it was the family's 1st Xmas without their loved one. I don't think we did him/her justice thou, as we screamed most of the time because the wind blew them into next doors washing line and nearly set that alight and then one wouldn't take off and nearly landed back on Scott's dads head! Hahaha! The thought was there!

New years eve was relaxed but funny! I'm not really too bothered about new years as its so crowded and overpriced. Me, Scott and jack went up to our friends flat in Rochester, Danny and Debbie. We all went for a big Indian meal, played comp and watched tv and just laughed, joked and chilled with each other. We watched the fireworks on the tv which were amazing and I would love to go this year! We went home the next morning and got ready for the pubs 'posh' day.
Posh day was bloody fantastic and we all danced and drank from about 2-9pm is when I got home. We had the jukebox going and then once the dj kicked in drunk about 5 it got even better! I was laughing, dancing and drinking until it got towards the end of the night about 7 and I started getting tired and therefore emotional. I sat down with a few of the regulars, daddy and Lisa and then someone asked if I had a good time and I leant on dad and cried. This then made Lisa cry and dad had to wipe his eyes a few times. A few of the people up the pub also joined in lol. I just couldn't really believe after the year both me and dad had, that we were both there in the clear and happy.

So here's to 2012...I'm alive, breathing with a lung function in the 60's, weight is increasing around 46kg, surrounded by amazing friends and family and ready to do loads of things and live life as best I can....I owe it to the people around me, the people who saved me and the donor...I'm living for the both of us now and have to do it justice!

X Lots of love x


  1. Sound like things are getting better for 2012:) and I am sure that you will be able to live life to the full for both you and your donor and do it justice!!
    I Only just came across your blog recently and would like to wish you all the best with your continued recovery
    I was so happy to read about great new year celebrations, hope you will celebrate many more new years yet to come
    I am on my 2nd new year of my new life now, it is great:)

  2. I am so pleased I found your blog!!
    You are simply phenomenal doing this! CF is not a well know illness and it is hard to find someone like you talking about it , about all the aspects of it.
    My hubby has CF and he is my real life HERO I bet you are one too!
    I will keep an eye on your blog!
    Cheers from Australia.
    ( I have a blog, too you are very welcome to visit !)
    Have GREAT year ahead and many many many years more of a great new life

  3. How are you feeling?