The Signs...

1. Your doctors ask you what antibiotics you would like.
2. You understand when nurses and doctors talk about o2, sats, iv's, fev, and co2.
3. When someone becomes ill, they ask you for advice and apologise for moaning at you about how ill they feel.
4. You have no sympathy when someone becomes ill with a cold and avoid them as much as possible.
5. You can still fit into childrens clothes.
6. People comment or make sympathy faces when you cough.
7. People ask "how are you" and you always say "im ok" even when you feel like death.
8. You can easily direct people around the hospital.
9. You try and make yourself weigh more by wearing the heaviest clothes possible to clinic and pushing your body down on the scales as hard as you can.
10. You walk like a 80 year old and are so hunched over you could lick your knees.
11. Everytime you laugh, a coughing fit follows.
12. All your friends have tried out your nebulisers and physio equipment.
13. Your shoulders practically touch your ears.
14. Your pharmasist knows you and will lend you drugs if you have suddenly run out.
15. You have been given all the weight-gain supplements and still hate every single one.
16. People know you are coming as they hear your cough before they see you.
17. You get evil looks for using a disabled bay even though you have a genuine badge.
18. You know which vein is the best for getting blood out of.
19. You can swallow many tablets all at the same time - without water.
20. You get VERY grumpy when hungry and tired.
21. You get tired easily and need granny naps.