Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Time

Christmas was great!!

Xmas eve the boys went out on a pub crawl which started at half 11 with a breakfast in a weatherspoons and then off from there. I met them at 8pm in a bar called Pure for the rest of the night. It was great and I enjoyed myself despite sore feet (I am useless in mini high heels) and the coldness! I got in and went straight to bed ready for Santa :)

Xmas day started wih a phone call from an impatient Scottings wanting me to go up there with his pressies. By half 9, i was there with a massive box and 2 big carrier bags full. He had a main pressie of surrond sound for his bedroom and lots of bits and pieces such as dvd's, clothes.... I always get lovely pressies off his mum and dad too. The doggies loved it and they didnt settle down until all the pressies had been opened. They LOVE wrapping paper so continued to shred it all over the living room. I then went back home at half 11 to wake my bro up as he had been out till early hours of the morning, gave him his pressie (tickets for us all to go and see Usher in concert!!! Wahooo) and then we got to daddys pub at half 12.

The pub shut at 2pm and we all sorted out the tables and got pressies ready. We all opened our pressies together and then ate dinner about 5pm. There was 12 of us!! Me, Scott, Danny, Dad, Lisa (dad's partner), Emma and Dan and Dan's girlfriend (Lisa's children), Lisa's dad and brother, and 2 of the regulars who were on their own for xmas - Tommy and Dennis. After dinner, we went home to see mummy. Unfortunatly her shifts fell on xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day from 7.30am - 4pm. It was a lovely evening opening our pressies with mummy and then watching the television.

The best part of the day: my bro falling over on the ice getting out my car. I swear i stopped breathing at one point through laughing so hard. He didnt even fall on his bum, he justfell straight on his back, banging his hip and laid on the floor for a few minutes. He was holding a chelsea shirt which my dad had just got framed, so that also landed face down on the floor but thankfully, didnt smash!! I laughed all night.

Now to mention some of my pressies: Scott got me a week in Rome!!!! I cant frigging wait...its not until July but im starting to plan already lol. My daddy gave me money, wii dance games, a pink cupcake maker, and other little bits and pieces. I got lots of different bits from Scott's mum and dad including a pink babygro!! My little bro brought me pink, sparkley stud earrings which were prettiful. Mummy brought me lots as usual which included a fur coat, pauls boutique pink hoodie, ipod nano, an epilator, and lots of stuff from my fav shop Lipsy such as a dressing gown, slippers, bag, perfume, and velour tracksuit. Along with lots of other bits and pieces which were lovely. I think i did very well!!!

After boxing day, i got to see family!! My aunties came down to see my dad from Bath and Bristol which was great and then, in the afternoon, I went with my mum to my auntie angelas house to see her and all my cousins. My cousin is pregnant and the baby is due at the end of Jan so good luck Frankie!!! Its a baby boy and she only lives near my hospital so i hope i can go and keep her company once she has him.

x Lots of love x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy birthday my little port

Its a year ago since I had my first operation under a general and made one of the best moves ever in health terms. If you were reading my blog this time last year, I had just been discharged from hospital after the operation and it was snowing that day aswell!!

I went hospital yesterday and managed to park straight away (obviously alot of disabled people didnt want to venture out). Had my needle out, held my weight at 47kg, my chest sounded pretty clear apparently, and i didnt count my lung function as it went horribly wrong. The lung function man wasnt there and they didnt know how to set it up properly. You do a big blow out for as long and hard as you can and then breathe in....well, i went to breathe in and it stopped me so i had to quickly take it out my mouth so i could actually get some air!! Great one.

I really couldnt wait to finish iv's this time and felt really impatient. Maybe it was because its xmas, maybe because i was feeling really well, or maybe its because of the damn side effects the iv's were causing. This time I had a bellyache for about a week, going to the loo all the time and it turning green...nice!! This is because the iv's can kill certain bacteria in your stomach so i hope that sorts itself out now. I also came out in a rash around my eyes, ear and belly/chest. I have worked out that i am allergic to the alcowipes that sterilise the end of my port line. It hangs by my belly and chest so the rash is there, and because its on my hands i then touch my face and stuff so it spreads the rash there too. My right eye was the worst as it swelled up on saturday and i looked like Will Smith in Hitch when he has the reaction!!

The weekend was crap. Saturday just got worse and worse. It snowed lots and all around my road and area was gridlocked with cars so i couldnt go to see dad at the pub so i sat at home. I was watching the tv then the sky went off so i moaned at that, not that i could see it very well with one eye!! I also missed a party that night too so it wasnt a great day.

The rest of my time has been spent shopping for xmas, doing the decorations and cleaning my room. The last few days before xmas I will be finishing off the shopping, wrapping up pressies and making sure we have lots of food in :) We are off out on a pub crawl on xmas eve and then xmas day with the families.

Hope you all have a lovely day, get lots of pressies and eat lots of food. I know I will.

x Lots of love x

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Blonde again!!

I have my lovely blonde hair back!! I did like being a brunette but i always missed my blonde and now i love it :) I had it done yesterday and now my energy and appetite is coming back and the cough is less and less, so i feel like the 'old' me again. Yay!!

I had a good weekend but also a sad weekend. Friday night was the JLS concert at the o2 which was great and they are brilliant live too. I took pics and had started to feel abit better by then so was able to dance. However, my best mate Steph had full blown flu (not a cold, but flu) and still isnt able to get up out of bed. She couldnt come so i took my little bro who was excited. It was nice to spend an evening with him as we are very close but I hated that Steph couldnt come. I had her crying down the phone because she couldnt go and because she felt terrible and I hate the fact that I couldnt go and see her. She always comes to see me and up the hospital when im not well so i wanted to return the favour obviously, but we both know that its not an option. If she is that ill with the flu, then god knows what would happen to me. I just text her most days and we will make up for it once shes better. Im always thinking of her though xx

Saturday was supposed to be a CF fundraising day at the pub. Because of the weather the last few weeks it had to be called off so that was abit poo but it will be rescheduled for another day so im looking forward to it as im a mascot :)

As i said earlier, Im feeling alot better now these iv's are doing their job and im counting the days until i finish them. Once i start feeling better, i start really wanting the needle out and it starts getting annoying and such a chore. I have a week to go and i hope it goes fast!!

x Lots of love x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Crashing back down :(

Im on iv's :(
Started them yesterday and am already feeling the shitty side effects - which is good as i know they are working but bad because i feel like a little ball of poo!! My cough got worse over the weekend so I was forced to ring Lance and organise iv's. I got the iv's delivered on tuesday then took the first dose up to the hospital with me and Lance put my needle in.

I was on my feed for 2 hours whilst watching some programme on the 50 top bad plastic surgery stories on E4 which was horrendous!! During this, I was hot and cold so was in and out the covers, switching my fan on and off and then as i sat up the sickness started and I made it to the loo before being sick...this scared mummy again, but i brushed my teeth, refilled my water and plugged my feed back in lol. I think its the iv side effects and i hope they go soon!!

I havent really done much else as im trying to rest as i have a busy weekend and want to be better as soon as rather than push myself whilst im ill and take longer to recover.

I dragged myself to the pub on sunday as we started to put the decorations up which was great. Because I coughed so much and was tired anyway, I was shattered afterwards, so went straight home to bed for a nap :) Today Scott gave me the brilliant news that he has finally decided to get his haircut after 6 months, but he cant have it yet because he cut his head open on the scaffold today at work! Div!

Will update you on weekend events which include raising money for CF and going to JLS concert!!! Im overly excited :)

x Lots of love x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow is here!!

Stating the bloody obvious here but....its snowing!!! Yay!! It started on tuesday morning so I drove up to Scotts (he is off work now as he is on a building site, which is not good to lose money before xmas) and it was all main roads so was clear to drive on. We took the dogs to a little park near his house which hardly gets used and we made a snowlady and snowman which took ages but was great!! Scott threw snowballs at me as he cant help himself and the dogs love to eat snow so they were happy too. I was wet so changed into scotts clothes and we sat in his room watching The Walking Dead and 24.

Scott has a Lovefilm account which allows him to rent films, tv series and computer games so since then we have watched lots of things. On our holiday to York, we watched the whole series of Gavin and Stacy which was brilliant but we couldnt get into The Office, even though I love Ricky Gervais. Our new series is 24 - ive never seen it before so we started from the beginning and are so far just over halfway through series 1...each series is 24 hours long and i think there is about 8 series, so it will take awhile but its gripping!!!

Anyway back to snow stories...surprise surprise, i fell over!! I got home from Scotts and was all alone, the street was quiet (thank god) and it was dark. I got out the car and walked up the side of my mums car which is parked on the drive and stood in a big mound of snow which made me fall forward abit, so i put my other foot forward onto the step, which is very slippery and skidded and landed on my poor little knees. I sat there for a while in shock then laughed to myself and eventually got up and wobbled indoors. Scott also fell over which is even funnier!! Last night he was seeing my brother's car out the bottom of the road as he had to reverse down it and as he stepped back, he slipped, smacked the car with his bare hand as he was looking for something to grab, and fell flat on his arse. Im laughing about it even now - poor Scottings xx

On wednesday my daddy had an operation on his sinuses as they have always played him up but over the last few months he has been on constant painkillers and had headaches. I get bad sinuses because of the CF so partly understand how bad the headaches can be but luckly mine dont cause me too many problems, its only when i have a cold i notice it. Its also the first time he has had a general anesthetic and he was only a day case if everything went to plan. Everything went well and I spoke to him once when he came round and once when he was home. He feels better already and got lots of sleep whilst waiting to be discharged so went back to light work at the pub!! He loved the anesthetic and compared notes with me about it and then said he had a cottage pie for dinner before he left and he moaned about the portions lol - i understand totally ;)

Today I tidied my room from top to bottom and i took a few hours - half an hour was spent on trying to clean up the drips from my overnight feed all on the floor and side. It sets like wonder it helps put on weight!! I wrote another list on what more i had to buy for xmas and really wanna go shopping now to finish it. Me and mummy were gonna go shopping today but the weather has stopped us going Lakeside as roads are blocked, too icy, or closed!! Something to look forward to though!

x Lots of love x