Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy birthday my little port

Its a year ago since I had my first operation under a general and made one of the best moves ever in health terms. If you were reading my blog this time last year, I had just been discharged from hospital after the operation and it was snowing that day aswell!!

I went hospital yesterday and managed to park straight away (obviously alot of disabled people didnt want to venture out). Had my needle out, held my weight at 47kg, my chest sounded pretty clear apparently, and i didnt count my lung function as it went horribly wrong. The lung function man wasnt there and they didnt know how to set it up properly. You do a big blow out for as long and hard as you can and then breathe in....well, i went to breathe in and it stopped me so i had to quickly take it out my mouth so i could actually get some air!! Great one.

I really couldnt wait to finish iv's this time and felt really impatient. Maybe it was because its xmas, maybe because i was feeling really well, or maybe its because of the damn side effects the iv's were causing. This time I had a bellyache for about a week, going to the loo all the time and it turning green...nice!! This is because the iv's can kill certain bacteria in your stomach so i hope that sorts itself out now. I also came out in a rash around my eyes, ear and belly/chest. I have worked out that i am allergic to the alcowipes that sterilise the end of my port line. It hangs by my belly and chest so the rash is there, and because its on my hands i then touch my face and stuff so it spreads the rash there too. My right eye was the worst as it swelled up on saturday and i looked like Will Smith in Hitch when he has the reaction!!

The weekend was crap. Saturday just got worse and worse. It snowed lots and all around my road and area was gridlocked with cars so i couldnt go to see dad at the pub so i sat at home. I was watching the tv then the sky went off so i moaned at that, not that i could see it very well with one eye!! I also missed a party that night too so it wasnt a great day.

The rest of my time has been spent shopping for xmas, doing the decorations and cleaning my room. The last few days before xmas I will be finishing off the shopping, wrapping up pressies and making sure we have lots of food in :) We are off out on a pub crawl on xmas eve and then xmas day with the families.

Hope you all have a lovely day, get lots of pressies and eat lots of food. I know I will.

x Lots of love x

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  1. Happy Birthday Port!!!

    Eugh I hate the wipes they use!!! They smell terrible and they make me itch but I'm not classed as "allergic" to them... yet.

    I hope you have a lovely christmas! :D xx