Saturday, 27 June 2009

x Poor mummy x

My mummy is not well and she never gets ill (thats normally my job lol). There is something going around the school where she works. Its a tickly cough and so she has lost her voice but today she has been in the chair allday and its making her tired and she cant even get up. This is nothing like my mummy so I am currently making her a drink and telling her to go to bed. I am worried about catching it as its my birthday in 2 weeks and I have ALOT planned so need to be well. Im sooooooo bloody excited about it!!

On wednesday, I went to the uni and handed in my finished essay and reflective journal. On Thursday, we had Sky installed woohoo but I was having a bad day healthwise - I dont know what was wrong with me!! I had a very bad stomach and felt really tired allday. I was still eating though lol!! Friday my belly was still playing up alittle but it had gone by the time me and Scott went to the pictures. I didnt really want to go but I have to admit the film Transformers was good although it was very long!!

Scott found out that Harry Potter tickets were availiable to book so he had alittle scream and went straight on the internet to book tickets for the opening night lol....its at the imax....i dont actually know what this it 3D?? Do u get to wear those funny glasses???

Today I nearly crashed!!! It was a nice day allday and then it suddenly got dark, rained really heavily and then we had hailstones the size of malteasers just as I went to leave my Dads!! I attempted to run to the car and once I was in it, it sounded like my car was being shot at!! Very scary...I proberly shouldnt have drove in it but i am impatient lol! I hope its nice tomorrow as me and Scott are planning to take the dogs out. Not long till he goes away :( and i have clinic the same day too so will have to go early and rush home to see him off.

Off to bed now, Im knackered and need to clean my neb!!

x Lots of love x

Monday, 22 June 2009

x One more finished, 2 to go!! x

I have finished another uni essay!! Woohoo and thank god!!
Wednesday, thursday and friday I tried really hard and it paid off as it is all ready to hand in so I thought I deserved a break so didnt do anything uni related over the weekend, oh apart from making notes out of a book. Now I am half way through one of my essays and halfway through the other one so not long to go I hope!!

On friday night, Scott went out with the boys to the pictures so I thought I would have a nice relaxing night in but I was so bored - really didnt feel like watching tv or reading so me and my friend Steph decided to go out. Im soooooo glad we did because we had such a funny, random night and I have not laughed that much for cheeks and stomach was actually hurting!! I was home by half 11 though because I had to get up because me and Scott went shopping up London to Oxford Street. I really enjoyed the day even though I feel straight asleep when I got in as I was knackered, I didnt realise how looooooong Oxford Street was lol. We had millions of bags because of the huge primark - i did get lost a few times in the shop and was being pushed about everywhere...madness!!

Sunday was Daddys day so I got up early and went to daddys house to cook him breakfast and give him his pressies. We sat down and ate and read the papers and then I went home at lunchtime...Scott came down and we relaxed allday and just watched tv and films which was really nice. Today I went back to work (1st time since my ivs finished) and had a good time even though I was really tired...Im even more excited about my birthday now as all the girls from work are coming out on the 17th to Ivory Lounge...woohoo..and its also one of the other girls from works birthday on the 15th so its a double celebration!! Its mummys birthday tomorrow so have been getting little bits and pieces together!!

On the health front - ive been feeling ok actually. Still eating like a horse and doing exercise on most days so I am proud of myself. Talking of food, Im going to find some now!!

x Lots of love x

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

x Tube Free and Fatter x

First of all - wwwwoooooohhhhooooo!!
I cant tell everyone how happy i am!! Its very rare lately that a hospital appointment has made me smile but today i am!! I have got my line out and my lung function was up alittle bit but the best news was my weight - i was 43kg when i left hospital on thursday and today i was 45.5kg!!! I was shocked!! My CF nurse said he was proud of me which was really nice to hear but i know i still have to get upto that 50kg mark!!

I went up to the ward to pay a visit to Vicky and see the nurses and got lots of hugs but Vicky wasnt there!! She escaped for a few hours to go and have her hair done :) I got a text from her monday to say that her bowels were no longer blocked and i was told by Lance today that she was alot better. What a relief!! I am soooo pleased and took up everyones messages for her from the CF forum. She text me when she got back to the ward and said sorry for missing me but i am just so happy that she got out - she deserves it - i will see her next week proberly!!

I got to see my friend Steph today too - we went for a meal and then she came with me to hospital so i wanted to say thank u. She kept talking about my birthday which is only a few weeks away so i was getting really excited!

Over the weekend, I couldnt do much anyway as i was still on ivs but i took the dogs out for a walk everyday since being out of hospital and i also walked round to my mums school to meet her at lunch (about a 10 minute walk). I also have hit the uni work and done really well with it ovr the weekend. I am abit pissed off with the uni though - they have given me extra time because of being in hospital alot but i have asked to see some lecturers for advice on certain bits of work but they say they are busy and if i could email them instead... i dont think this is fair as i have obviously got extra time due to a stressful situation and they are making me stress even more by making me worry...i really feel like im doing it on my own :(

For the rest of the week i am going to do uni work and make sure i keep up the exercise and eating and then have said i can go back to work next week if they need me! I have missed it!! At the weekend, Scott is not working on saturday so we are planning to go up london to the big primark as he needs holiday clothes and i just need to shop - i dont really need a reason do i??? I also need to buy a few things for people - fathers day is sunday and mums birthday is tuesday!! i have no idea what to buy!!

x Lots of love x

Friday, 12 June 2009

x Im home!! x

Ive just got out of hospital and am now home!! I got taken in on Tuesday as my sats were only 87 sitting down and my cough was terrible. Line went in ok and i didnt cry or swear much so i am proud :)
Me on my oxygen ------>>

I have to say how much I love my CF team - although they can be a pain in the arse, they make me smile and really do help alot. This admission was less stressful because we are now allowed microwaves so i didnt have to fight to be fed!! I had another nutter on the ward this time too - he came to my room twice within the 10 days while i was asleep and one time he even came to my room with no trousers on - nice!!

The hardest part of being in there this time was seeing and not seeing my girl Vicky. She has CF too and has been through such a bad time lately. I wasnt able to go to see her as I was on oxygen but the last few days i was in there i made it down to her room. I do agree with the cross infection rules and try to follow them as much as i can - however, when i can hear her crying in pain on her own in her room i could not just walk past and leave her - no-one would be able to and i certainly couldnt. i am her friend first - the CF comes second to that. I worry about her so much and it breaks my heart to see her like that and not be able to do anything to help. Thankfully as i was leaving she was starting to pick up but i am always thinking about u Vicky and will always be there for u xxx

Some good news now!!

Num 1 - I am home (even though i am still on ivs until Tuesday).

Num 2 - I am eating everything in sight!! I think it is because of the megace but i am also feeling better so that helps too...i am going to get this weight on!!!

Num 3 - I got my result back from the uni essay i have handed in and i passed it- i got 62!! woohoo.

Num 4 - My lovely mate Anna, who has been through a bad time with CF lately and been in hosp for nearly 8 months now is coming home tomorrow!! I cant even describe how happy i am for her - she has done so well and im so proud of her!! Love u xx

I had a nice day night tonight with Scott and my doggies - we went to the park and i managed to do a little jog as i was throwing the balls for the dogs! Check me out!! I am really going to try and do physio more often - i do get REALLY demotivated sometimes though and it is really tiring and, knowing it is going to make me cough and sore is such a horrible feeling but i will try and keep you all updated. I dont know what my lung function is at the moment but will find out on Tuesday at my next clinic visit.

Right im off now - my little bro has just set me up on my 1st drip off the night (Dr Danny lol) and i need something to munch before beddie byes!!

x Lots of love x

Monday, 1 June 2009

x I'm Drowning x

AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! Dont know what else to say!!
My bloody chest is terrible at the moment and has been since thursday. It is soooo clogged up and I am coughing quite a bit. Its really thick and when i do do anything it is taking me ages and getting me really out of breath...not looking good is it :(

My week has been good and I have been 'happy'. Mum was off for half-term so it was nice to have someone else around the house in the daytime. Tuesday I went to clinic and was prescibed megace but because it can mess about with blood sugars I had to bring home a blood testing kit and do random sugar tests each day. I now have the hang of it but stabbing myself everyday bloody hurts such a baby!! Wednesday i had work which was good as usual and then thursday i went to pick up my megace and cipro from the hospital and started taking them both that night.

Friday i was feeling quite icky so rested in the day as i was going out that night. i met up with scott after work and took the doggies out and then we went for a quick snack stock up in morrisons which was soooo packed!! Friday night was great...went for a meal for my mate charlotte's birthday at frankie and bennys. There was supposed to be more of us than there was but it didnt really matter as we all had a good time anyway!! It was a good laugh although i was trying very hard not to laugh as my cough would then be set off!! CF ruins bloody everything lol.

Saturday was the FA cup final and chelsea won...woooohoooo!! I still cant believe how much the manager (now ex manager :( ) looks like my doctor lol. saturday night was my brothers football presentation which i really didnt feel up to but it went ok...didnt dance or anything but was nice to catch up with everyone from down the club.

Because it was such a nice day on sunday, me and scott planned a nice day out. We left about 11am and drove to his bosses house who lives in halstead which is out in the countryside. the houses there are huge and i was so jealous!! Warrens house is lovely and we explored his garden which had chickens in and his 2 dalmatian dogs, pepper and abby. He is getting sheep next week so that he doesnt have to cut the grass lol...after that we went to a nature reserve where we had coke and doughnuts and then walked round looking at the animals although i couldnt walk too far as my breathing was shit!! We were both very tired afterwards so on the way home we stopped of at the harvester and had something to eat and then headed home at 4pm. I was knackered but really enjoyed the day!!

Lance is coming round tomorrow now to check me over as im getting worried about my cough and chest...hopefully i can report back with good news but i am scared :s for the megace...its not working at the only on 40mg twice a day so dont know if this is strong enough yet but they did say they will increase it soon...hopefully VERY soon xx