Friday, 12 June 2009

x Im home!! x

Ive just got out of hospital and am now home!! I got taken in on Tuesday as my sats were only 87 sitting down and my cough was terrible. Line went in ok and i didnt cry or swear much so i am proud :)
Me on my oxygen ------>>

I have to say how much I love my CF team - although they can be a pain in the arse, they make me smile and really do help alot. This admission was less stressful because we are now allowed microwaves so i didnt have to fight to be fed!! I had another nutter on the ward this time too - he came to my room twice within the 10 days while i was asleep and one time he even came to my room with no trousers on - nice!!

The hardest part of being in there this time was seeing and not seeing my girl Vicky. She has CF too and has been through such a bad time lately. I wasnt able to go to see her as I was on oxygen but the last few days i was in there i made it down to her room. I do agree with the cross infection rules and try to follow them as much as i can - however, when i can hear her crying in pain on her own in her room i could not just walk past and leave her - no-one would be able to and i certainly couldnt. i am her friend first - the CF comes second to that. I worry about her so much and it breaks my heart to see her like that and not be able to do anything to help. Thankfully as i was leaving she was starting to pick up but i am always thinking about u Vicky and will always be there for u xxx

Some good news now!!

Num 1 - I am home (even though i am still on ivs until Tuesday).

Num 2 - I am eating everything in sight!! I think it is because of the megace but i am also feeling better so that helps too...i am going to get this weight on!!!

Num 3 - I got my result back from the uni essay i have handed in and i passed it- i got 62!! woohoo.

Num 4 - My lovely mate Anna, who has been through a bad time with CF lately and been in hosp for nearly 8 months now is coming home tomorrow!! I cant even describe how happy i am for her - she has done so well and im so proud of her!! Love u xx

I had a nice day night tonight with Scott and my doggies - we went to the park and i managed to do a little jog as i was throwing the balls for the dogs! Check me out!! I am really going to try and do physio more often - i do get REALLY demotivated sometimes though and it is really tiring and, knowing it is going to make me cough and sore is such a horrible feeling but i will try and keep you all updated. I dont know what my lung function is at the moment but will find out on Tuesday at my next clinic visit.

Right im off now - my little bro has just set me up on my 1st drip off the night (Dr Danny lol) and i need something to munch before beddie byes!!

x Lots of love x


  1. glad your out of hosp. Poor Vicky, im sure you helped cheer her up abit, bless her.
    Well done on your 62%, you go girl!! xx

  2. Glad to hear your home!!

    Vicky really is a trooper she's been through so much!!