Monday, 1 June 2009

x I'm Drowning x

AAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! Dont know what else to say!!
My bloody chest is terrible at the moment and has been since thursday. It is soooo clogged up and I am coughing quite a bit. Its really thick and when i do do anything it is taking me ages and getting me really out of breath...not looking good is it :(

My week has been good and I have been 'happy'. Mum was off for half-term so it was nice to have someone else around the house in the daytime. Tuesday I went to clinic and was prescibed megace but because it can mess about with blood sugars I had to bring home a blood testing kit and do random sugar tests each day. I now have the hang of it but stabbing myself everyday bloody hurts such a baby!! Wednesday i had work which was good as usual and then thursday i went to pick up my megace and cipro from the hospital and started taking them both that night.

Friday i was feeling quite icky so rested in the day as i was going out that night. i met up with scott after work and took the doggies out and then we went for a quick snack stock up in morrisons which was soooo packed!! Friday night was great...went for a meal for my mate charlotte's birthday at frankie and bennys. There was supposed to be more of us than there was but it didnt really matter as we all had a good time anyway!! It was a good laugh although i was trying very hard not to laugh as my cough would then be set off!! CF ruins bloody everything lol.

Saturday was the FA cup final and chelsea won...woooohoooo!! I still cant believe how much the manager (now ex manager :( ) looks like my doctor lol. saturday night was my brothers football presentation which i really didnt feel up to but it went ok...didnt dance or anything but was nice to catch up with everyone from down the club.

Because it was such a nice day on sunday, me and scott planned a nice day out. We left about 11am and drove to his bosses house who lives in halstead which is out in the countryside. the houses there are huge and i was so jealous!! Warrens house is lovely and we explored his garden which had chickens in and his 2 dalmatian dogs, pepper and abby. He is getting sheep next week so that he doesnt have to cut the grass lol...after that we went to a nature reserve where we had coke and doughnuts and then walked round looking at the animals although i couldnt walk too far as my breathing was shit!! We were both very tired afterwards so on the way home we stopped of at the harvester and had something to eat and then headed home at 4pm. I was knackered but really enjoyed the day!!

Lance is coming round tomorrow now to check me over as im getting worried about my cough and chest...hopefully i can report back with good news but i am scared :s for the megace...its not working at the only on 40mg twice a day so dont know if this is strong enough yet but they did say they will increase it soon...hopefully VERY soon xx

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