Saturday, 25 July 2009

x Feeling better but bored!! x

Sorry I havent posted for a while but not much has really happened lately.

Last Sunday I went to see Ne-yo in concert and he was brilliant!! He done all of his songs and even included a tribute to Michael Jackson and he did the thriller dance and everything. I was still feeling abit shitty but i did my best and was looked after by Steph and her mum so it was great!! Sunday was also abit of a 'thinky' day for me which i hate cause they make me upset and angry. It started because it was a year ago that someone i knew lost their battle with Cystic Fibrosis and i was just thinking how unfair things are at times. I have tried so hard over the past few months with finishing my uni work off, doing exercise more often and making sure i concentrate on my weight but then my lung function goes and drops like that...what more can i do?? Then i was thinking about certain people in my hospital that smoke who have CF and actually go out for a fag while on ivs for a chest infection - im sorry but absolutly no sympathy is coming from me for them!! Anyway...moan and rant over lol x

Mummy broke up from school this week so she has six weeks off...YAY!! Not done alot this week but im starting to feel alot better being on the cipro antibiotics and today i have only really coughed once when i woke up this morning...finish the course on tuesday so hopefully i will be ok by then if i dont catch swine flu from somewhere!! Its everywhere and some family friends have been bedridden for a few weeks with it and they are healthy so god help me if i get it....i have not been too bothered about it but now it seems to be increasing and quite close to home im starting to worry. Thats why i have been banished from work for 3 weeks as quite a few people have been ill!!

Not up to much this weekend either but i suppose i should try and slow things down abit as it has been a busy few weeks.

x Lots of love x

Friday, 17 July 2009

x All worn out x

Panic has set in!!!
Went to clinic on tuesday for check-up and was feeling ok if not abit tired after my bday weekend. Weight was up to 46kg which is the highest it has been in 1 and half years so was pleased :) my lung function was the shocking bit...i tried really hard and it had dropped by alot from 32% to 23%....what the hell is going on there!!! I nearly cried due to shock. So because of this i am now back on cipro antibiotics to see if that will help and i will focus on my exercise for the next week or so. I got that new wii active thing for my bday so will attempt to start that soon.

Wednesday, me and Scott took the dogs for their yearly booster jabs and was told that bella has a chronic skin condition which will prob be with her forever...i thought this was quite funny that the 2 girls in Scotts life always have something wrong with them :)

Thursday i felt rubbish....had no energy and was feeling sickly so slept for alot of the day...everyones theory on this was because i have been busy all week so it all caught up with about 3pm i was feeling ok...just needed a day to rest!!

We have been decorating Scotts room all week and have finished painting today...although most of it is on me!! Had a good day though and am now looking forward to tonight to see a family friend and Stephie is coming round for a catch up :) Tonight we was supposed to be going Ivory Lounge for more bday celebrations but alot of the girls from work arent feeling great and are abit short of cash so we will have to re-shedule...I dont mind really but it is a shame!!

Off for a shower to attempt to clean myself of paint!!

x Lots of love x

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

x Happy 21st birthday to me!! x

Wow!!! Am i tired or what!!

Friday night kicked off my birthday celebrations....we went to the o2 to a club called Thai silks and I had a drink for the first time in ages as normally im on antibiotics or am driving!! Was a great night and everyone surprised me with a crown, sash and blowers!! Got in at about 3am i think and feel straight into bed and stayed there till 10 the next morning!!

On saturday, I chilled out at my daddys and we had an early dinner as i had to go and get ready for another night out!! It is also one of the girls from works bday on wednesday so we went bowling for her bday and the theme was neon!! We finished bowling about half 10 so ran round the corner in the rain to the ivory lounge. Now, the ivory lounge is over 21s and my bday is on sunday so we got to the door and begged them to let me in as i would be leaving the ivory lounge as a 21 year old lol....the bouncer was great and let me in!! Ivory lounge shuts at 12 so i got home about 1am and, again, went straight to bed!!

Sunday was my bday!!!! I had to get up at half 6 as my mum and dad had planned a surprise day out. I opened all my pressies which were lovely...the usual stuff...jewellery, 21 keys, choccie, drink and then i opened a pink handheld video camera!! Its soooo cute but my bro took it off me and plugged it into the tv.....OH MY GOD!!! My mum had gone round to my old primary school, old secondary school, my work, my mates houses, family friends houses and up to the hospital and there were video messages from everyone!! I cried and laughed at the same time!! Then i opened the last pressie which was a big booklet and certificate which said we was going on a VIP tour to Woburn safari park and going on safari with a ranger!!

The day was brilliant - me, mummy, daddy, danny and Scott (he came home early from holiday on sunday morning) all went. The safari was brilliant and i was soooo scared when we pulled up next to a pride of 16 lions and the ranger turned the engine off!! We got to feed the giraffes some cabbage as it was my bday and i got covered in slobber!! We got home at 6pm and i slept for an hour until we had to go out for dinner.

We arrived for dinner and i had 2 balloons tied to my chair (a 2 and a 1) but because my friend had said its for little soph they thought i was 12 lol...i do look 12 though so everyone thought that was very amusing!! We ordered dinner and mine never came out!! We waited for a while and then had to ask where it was and they had deleted the order!! GREAT!! No dinner for me on my bday!! So we re-ordered it and i ate it on my own :( My cake was brought out and there were only a few candles on it which made a 21 shape and it took me 4 attempts to blow them all out lol.

Overall, I had a great weekend but am absolutly shattered so am off for a relax and to sort out all my goodies - all the pics will be up on facebook as soon as possible as it wouldnt let me upload any more here for some reason!! xxx

x Lots of love x

Friday, 10 July 2009

x Im sooooo excited x

Wahhhooooo!! Finally its friday and im starting my 21st birthday celebrations tonight!! Off to Thai Silks at the o2 with some of my girly mates and i am not on antibiotics of any kind so will take full advantage and drink myself silly!!

Not much has happened since my last post...I have been concentrating on my uni work and bloody exciting!!! Well it has all paid off as I have finished my main essay which ended up being 25 pages altogether and I had to hand in 2 copies so alot of printer ink was used!! I handed it in today and feel less stressed already (until I get the results that is!!). Ironing has paid off too as now I actually have stuff to wear!!

I havent been to work all week...not cause im a lazy moo but because there is swine flu at the nursery!! I was advised not to go in for a while for obvious reasons....Swine flu was also confirmed at the school where my mum works...its trying to get me!!! I have a perscription on standby at the doctors incase I start to see symptoms. Joy!!

I missing Scott soooooooooo much. He is back in the early hours of Sunday morning so I have requested he come and wake me up on my birthday with lots of presents in hand lol. I have seen my doggies a few times this week and they go absolutly mad when I come in the door...god knows how they are going to act when they get to see their daddy after 10 days away!!

I am off to start getting next post will be as a 21 year old!!! How scary!!

x Lots of love x

Saturday, 4 July 2009

x A week of ups and downs x

Tuesday was clinic but i didnt have a appointment i only went to check on my weight and pick up some more megace!! Now my weight was 45kg again which was the same as 2 weeks ago....but last time i was in jeans and a hoodie and this time was in shorts and vest so technically i have put on weight :)
I popped in to see Vicky and she was doing ok but i couldnt stay long as I had to get back to wave Scott off on holiday....yep he has left me to go to Malia!!! :( I miss him already!!!

Thursday i had work which was good and then I went up to Scotts to see his mum and dad and my doggies. Since thursday I have had such a bad stomach and dont know what is going on in there!! Its a constan bellyache but then I get bad cramps and pains aswell which leaves me bent over in pain...Its nothing to do with creon as i have been double checking i am having enough so will see what happens and will just keep taking painkillers - best invention ever, along with emula cream :)

Friday my mate Stephie came round for a chat which was nice...we have planned to go shopping up lakeside next week for shoes...and im sure other things will fall into my arms lol!! I am VERY excited about my birthday now...only 1 week away and im going to be sooooo busy and worn out but it will be worth it....wooooohooooo!!!

How frigging hot is it??? Cor its lovely but i do keep getting covered in salt (CF sufferers produce salt in their sweat) so basically i feel like a chip and do keep rubbing my eyes which hurts!!! I have lost energy a few times this week and think its because of the weather so am going to ask for salt tablets at next clinic...hope i can last that long!!

Right im going to get ready to go up the pub with Daddy and im not on antibiotics for once....nearly a month now!! Check me out lol....might slip in a magners with lots of ice but only 1 as im driving!!
Speak to u all soon xxx