Saturday, 4 July 2009

x A week of ups and downs x

Tuesday was clinic but i didnt have a appointment i only went to check on my weight and pick up some more megace!! Now my weight was 45kg again which was the same as 2 weeks ago....but last time i was in jeans and a hoodie and this time was in shorts and vest so technically i have put on weight :)
I popped in to see Vicky and she was doing ok but i couldnt stay long as I had to get back to wave Scott off on holiday....yep he has left me to go to Malia!!! :( I miss him already!!!

Thursday i had work which was good and then I went up to Scotts to see his mum and dad and my doggies. Since thursday I have had such a bad stomach and dont know what is going on in there!! Its a constan bellyache but then I get bad cramps and pains aswell which leaves me bent over in pain...Its nothing to do with creon as i have been double checking i am having enough so will see what happens and will just keep taking painkillers - best invention ever, along with emula cream :)

Friday my mate Stephie came round for a chat which was nice...we have planned to go shopping up lakeside next week for shoes...and im sure other things will fall into my arms lol!! I am VERY excited about my birthday now...only 1 week away and im going to be sooooo busy and worn out but it will be worth it....wooooohooooo!!!

How frigging hot is it??? Cor its lovely but i do keep getting covered in salt (CF sufferers produce salt in their sweat) so basically i feel like a chip and do keep rubbing my eyes which hurts!!! I have lost energy a few times this week and think its because of the weather so am going to ask for salt tablets at next clinic...hope i can last that long!!

Right im going to get ready to go up the pub with Daddy and im not on antibiotics for once....nearly a month now!! Check me out lol....might slip in a magners with lots of ice but only 1 as im driving!!
Speak to u all soon xxx

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