Saturday, 25 July 2009

x Feeling better but bored!! x

Sorry I havent posted for a while but not much has really happened lately.

Last Sunday I went to see Ne-yo in concert and he was brilliant!! He done all of his songs and even included a tribute to Michael Jackson and he did the thriller dance and everything. I was still feeling abit shitty but i did my best and was looked after by Steph and her mum so it was great!! Sunday was also abit of a 'thinky' day for me which i hate cause they make me upset and angry. It started because it was a year ago that someone i knew lost their battle with Cystic Fibrosis and i was just thinking how unfair things are at times. I have tried so hard over the past few months with finishing my uni work off, doing exercise more often and making sure i concentrate on my weight but then my lung function goes and drops like that...what more can i do?? Then i was thinking about certain people in my hospital that smoke who have CF and actually go out for a fag while on ivs for a chest infection - im sorry but absolutly no sympathy is coming from me for them!! Anyway...moan and rant over lol x

Mummy broke up from school this week so she has six weeks off...YAY!! Not done alot this week but im starting to feel alot better being on the cipro antibiotics and today i have only really coughed once when i woke up this morning...finish the course on tuesday so hopefully i will be ok by then if i dont catch swine flu from somewhere!! Its everywhere and some family friends have been bedridden for a few weeks with it and they are healthy so god help me if i get it....i have not been too bothered about it but now it seems to be increasing and quite close to home im starting to worry. Thats why i have been banished from work for 3 weeks as quite a few people have been ill!!

Not up to much this weekend either but i suppose i should try and slow things down abit as it has been a busy few weeks.

x Lots of love x

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