Tuesday, 4 August 2009

x Happy, Happy, Happy x

Good report from the hospital today...weight is up to 46.5kg and lung function is up to 27% - still need to increase both as my lung function is still worrying me. Everyone at the hospital said i looked well so i take that as a good sign and hope it continues and i only go up to the ward for visits!!

I am sooooo proud and pleased to say that i am no longer a uni student and all my essays are finished and handed in!!! Just want to get my results now but i think i will get them in about september so will attempt to wait patiently!! I have no idea what im going to do now - i still have my bank staff job at the nursery which i will carry on with as i love it but i dont want to waste my degree but i can only work part-time at the moment so im hoping to go and see someone at the uni for advice on what i can do next!!

Im soooo looking forward to this weekend as me, mum, danny and scott are off for a long weekend to hastings. Not a massive holiday but it will be nice to all spend some time together and do fun things and have a laugh!! Will let you know how we all get on lol xx

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