Thursday, 13 August 2009

x Weekend in Haven x

What a great weekend I had with mummy, danny and scott. We went to Combe Haven in Hastings from Friday to Monday just to get away for a while and it was such a good weekend. We got there at half 3 on friday after getting lost (typical!!) and got into our caravan straight away. Went straight for the food court as we were all starving and then we decided to go into hastings to stock up on food for the caravan :) After getting the food and me getting stuck whilst attempting to walk up a steep hill to the car, we went onto the beach as it was a warm night!! Once we got back we was all tired so went to bed after watching tv and planning the weekend.

Saturday was lovely weather so we spent the day at the beach including going in every bloody arcade along the beach front and playing mini-golf and going on the go-karts!! We had to get home for 5 so the boys could watch the football and I had a nap!! We went for dinner and then into the clubhouse after as they had a stand-up comedian on - he was funny actually!! Sunday was another lovely day - we had booked to go roller skating at 12 which was very funny and then went back to the caravan and sat on the grass outside playing cricket, football and reading. At 3pm we went down to the sports bar to watch the chelsea v man u match and am pleased to say chelsea won :) :) That night there was not much on the clubhouse so we had dinner then went back to the caravan and played cards all night which was nice. Got home on monday at lunchtime and wanted to go back!!

Today I went to the uni to talk to someone about what I can do with my degree as at the moment I can only work part-time because of my shitty health. Mum dont want me to work at all but I will go mad if I dont do something!!! Stubborn moo aint I!! Got lots of websites to look at and the lady is going to keep in touch and help me have a look at possible options so Im feeling alot happier and more positive.

Am going to start on some oral antibiotics tonight though as these coughing fits are driving me mad!! Its annoying though as the weather is nice and I wont be able to sunbathe now :(

x Lots of love x

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday, hope the antibiotics help abit xx