Sunday, 23 August 2009

x Praying for you girly x

Not much has happened this week really since my last post. Booked my car in for a service as its making some strange noises so that will be taken in bright and early tomorrow morning :)

My lovely friend Anna has been admitted to hospital yet again and is now in intensive care and been ventilated. She is struggling alot even though she is on the highest amount of oxygen possible. She has had a few fits and her heart has stopped and now has septacemia but she is a fighter and will get through this like she did before. Im not going to lie though as im sooooo worried as its hard to bring CF sufferers round from being ventilated due to the strain on their lungs. Shes such a brave and strong person so im just taking it day by day and waiting for her to send me that little text message saying 'hello' again.

My chest and cough has been abit better which is good and im due to start the steriods tomorrow (should have started already but the shitty pharmacy always cause problems!!) so hopefully it will help blast my chest better!!

Sorry my post is not brilliant but I needed to update. The only good bit of news is that I got my application form for my graduation which is on the 21st October and i dont want to go - im toooo scared and embarrassed!! Ive got to order my cap and gown which has a hood and everything -because im so small, im going to look like something out of Harry Potter!!

x Lots of love x

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