The Year...

This is a list of things I want to do or am looking forward to doing in 2010:

See the musical Avenue Q - January
See the musical Legally Blonde - February
See pitbull in concert - 9th May
Chelsea stadium tour - 16th June
Go Legoland
Raise money for CF
Holiday to York - 30th October
Holiday to Spain - 25th June
Getting weight to 50kg
See JLS in concert - December
My 22nd birthday - 12th July
Xmas - 25th December
See Sally Morgan the psychic - October 22nd
Go horse racing for the first time!
Get lung function to 30 (if its possible!!)
Go ice-skating :)

Things I am looking forward to in 2011:

Getting weight to over 50kg
Getting lung function to 30%
Join and continuing on a health programme at the gym - Jan 12th
Going for a week to Rome - 22nd July
Usher concert - 17th Feb
My 23rd birthday - 12th July
Spa day with mummy
Sally Morgan Show - 7th March
Holiday to Combe Haven - 5th September
Moto GP with Daddy - 12th June