Sunday, 27 September 2009

x Home, new car and uni results!! x

Im home!! Yay!!
3 weeks in hospital altogether but im feeling back to my 'normal' self again! Had to have another line put in after my last post but it had to be a small line as it was a small vein!! I kind of said yes to having a port - really dont want one but i dont have a choice anymore - its gotta be done!! Im nervous already and its not going to be fitted until about november!! My weight stayed stable while i was in and my lung function went up a little to 28% but i am determined to get it in the 30's!!

Since getting home on Tuesday to a lovely dinner of spagetti and meatballs (yumyumyum) I have been quite busy actually even though I should have been resting - typical me!! Wednesday I had another bloody appointment at the hospital so was back there for a bone scan and will get results in 3 weeks but my bones feel fine thanks lol...and had to arrange to have a few b12 injections at the doctors as they started me on them in hospital so i had to finish the course...and then came thursday....drumrole....

I got my new car finally!!! WWWWoooooohooooo!! I love it and want to live in it and drive around all day - so if anyone wants a lift :) Its a black ford fiesta. Went to halfords aswell to customise the inside with pinkness obviously!! Apparently i am not allowed to go too over the top as Scott is on the insurance and he doesnt appreciate the lovely colour as much as me :(

Finally got my car sorted on Friday as i needed it done before i went into hospital was feeling too ill and looked like a scarecrow for most of my admission lol...i am now pleased to say i look human again :) Oooooo - results are not final yet but i checked on the uni website and my results are in and i did really well and 2 of my results were only 2 marks away from a 1st!! I feel quite proud of myself (if i do say so) as I got no help from the tutors because I had extra time and when i emailed them i got 1 sentance replys and they were too busy to see me, and alot of the work was done whilst in hospital or its a big achievement (and relief) for me too!! Just waiting for them to add up all the results to see what my final degree will be...argh!!

Am now looking forward to my first weekend and 1st full week out of hosp...what will i do??? hmm

x Lots of love x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

x Stressful times but home is in sight x

Finally feeling better :)
Home is scheduled for tuesday and from then on the hard work to strengthen my lungs begins...i need to get my lung function up as its getting frustrating and slightly scary now!!!
Since my last post i have managed to come off my oxygen after 2 weeks and got rid of all the crap from my lungs which took lots of coughing, pain and alot of painkillers!!! Had to have a new line put in as my vein blocked up and died on me, took a few painful trys to find another vein but i now have one in....thank goodness....hope it lasts till the i.vs finish!!

Because of the failing veins and the fact that I am running out, talk of having a portacath has begun and I am actually pooping myself :( I am facing up to the fact that I need one and i do believe it will be easier and less stressful but its just the fact of having an operation and knowing how sore it will be after!! Anyway i dont wanna speak too much about that now as its making me feel sick already!

Just also want to mention a little about Vickys funeral which was on friday 11th september. Well its easy to say that it was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life so far. Not just because i was upset but it was so horrible seeing people that are normally strong, be just as upset as me. I wouldnt have missed it for the world so I was there with tubes and my oxygen and millions of tissues. The actual thing was lovely and a fitting tribute to an amazing girl but i cried from beginning to end. There was actaully one point in the day where i let a certain thought creep into my head but managed to quickly push it out again...just looking at everyone looking at me with the oxygen and stuff i started to i next?? Silly thing i know but i couldnt help it.

Hopefully by my next post i will be home sleeping in my own bed and getting ready to work as hard as i can to make myself better...lets hope it works!!

x Lots of love x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

x Bad infection x

How fed up am I??

Back in hospital again since tuesday...cant even be bothered to write much as i have no energy and am sleeping alot of time. Tuesday night I didnt sleep at all and then at 4am i called for a nurse as i was fed up of struggling and my sats had dropped to 85% and my heart was racing. They put me on oxygen and kept the sats monitor on me but then by 7am my temp was up to 38.5 and i cant even remember what was happening. The next day i slept most of the day and mum stayed with me...i was put on a fluid drip which helped my temp go down and then Lance took LOADS of blood and then I went back to sleep. Since then, I have been so sore and on painkillers cause of coughing allday and there is so much crap on my chest but its really thick so is hard to bring up.

Friday i had a blood gas done which frigging hurts!! They put deep heat cream on your earlobe and leave it so all the blood comes to the surface then she cut my ear with something that looked like a razorblade and stuck some little straw in the opening and filled it up with fun!! It showed the oxygen in my blood was low so i have to keep the oxygen on for now :(

Everyone keeps telling me to rest but i find it hard - i just hate being ill and having to admit that i am ill - stubborn moo lol. Today (sunday) is the first day i have felt a little better and ordered some pink GHD straighteners for myself YAY!!

Will update with more next week with hopefully better news and a clearer chest :)

x Lots of love x