Saturday, 5 September 2009

x Bad infection x

How fed up am I??

Back in hospital again since tuesday...cant even be bothered to write much as i have no energy and am sleeping alot of time. Tuesday night I didnt sleep at all and then at 4am i called for a nurse as i was fed up of struggling and my sats had dropped to 85% and my heart was racing. They put me on oxygen and kept the sats monitor on me but then by 7am my temp was up to 38.5 and i cant even remember what was happening. The next day i slept most of the day and mum stayed with me...i was put on a fluid drip which helped my temp go down and then Lance took LOADS of blood and then I went back to sleep. Since then, I have been so sore and on painkillers cause of coughing allday and there is so much crap on my chest but its really thick so is hard to bring up.

Friday i had a blood gas done which frigging hurts!! They put deep heat cream on your earlobe and leave it so all the blood comes to the surface then she cut my ear with something that looked like a razorblade and stuck some little straw in the opening and filled it up with fun!! It showed the oxygen in my blood was low so i have to keep the oxygen on for now :(

Everyone keeps telling me to rest but i find it hard - i just hate being ill and having to admit that i am ill - stubborn moo lol. Today (sunday) is the first day i have felt a little better and ordered some pink GHD straighteners for myself YAY!!

Will update with more next week with hopefully better news and a clearer chest :)

x Lots of love x

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