Sunday, 27 September 2009

x Home, new car and uni results!! x

Im home!! Yay!!
3 weeks in hospital altogether but im feeling back to my 'normal' self again! Had to have another line put in after my last post but it had to be a small line as it was a small vein!! I kind of said yes to having a port - really dont want one but i dont have a choice anymore - its gotta be done!! Im nervous already and its not going to be fitted until about november!! My weight stayed stable while i was in and my lung function went up a little to 28% but i am determined to get it in the 30's!!

Since getting home on Tuesday to a lovely dinner of spagetti and meatballs (yumyumyum) I have been quite busy actually even though I should have been resting - typical me!! Wednesday I had another bloody appointment at the hospital so was back there for a bone scan and will get results in 3 weeks but my bones feel fine thanks lol...and had to arrange to have a few b12 injections at the doctors as they started me on them in hospital so i had to finish the course...and then came thursday....drumrole....

I got my new car finally!!! WWWWoooooohooooo!! I love it and want to live in it and drive around all day - so if anyone wants a lift :) Its a black ford fiesta. Went to halfords aswell to customise the inside with pinkness obviously!! Apparently i am not allowed to go too over the top as Scott is on the insurance and he doesnt appreciate the lovely colour as much as me :(

Finally got my car sorted on Friday as i needed it done before i went into hospital was feeling too ill and looked like a scarecrow for most of my admission lol...i am now pleased to say i look human again :) Oooooo - results are not final yet but i checked on the uni website and my results are in and i did really well and 2 of my results were only 2 marks away from a 1st!! I feel quite proud of myself (if i do say so) as I got no help from the tutors because I had extra time and when i emailed them i got 1 sentance replys and they were too busy to see me, and alot of the work was done whilst in hospital or its a big achievement (and relief) for me too!! Just waiting for them to add up all the results to see what my final degree will be...argh!!

Am now looking forward to my first weekend and 1st full week out of hosp...what will i do??? hmm

x Lots of love x


  1. My daughter just got a portcath last week she was sore for several far good...PIC line seem to cause blood clots for her and as of today one week in she is feeling good and back to work after one week in hospital...have a good day...Karen

  2. Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time. I'm glad you managed to get to Vickys funeral, can't believe it landed on my wedding day. Guess the saying is true that as something bad is happening something good is happening somewhere else.
    Have fun driving your new set of wheels and let us know your uni results!!!