Thursday, 27 August 2009

x R.I.P Vicky x

Im only just able to start writing this as I have been too upset to even think about things but I have to do it as I owe it to my girly.
On Sunday 23rd August 2009 at 9.30pm, Vicky lost her long and hard battle with Cystic Fibrosis. She was in hospital since November 2008 and never made it home. In the end, it all got too much for her, she had lost lots of weight and her body was finally too weak to cope. The little glimmer of good news is that at the end she didnt suffer and passed away peacefully and quickly with her family by her side.

x Me (looking highly rough) and Vicky visiting me in hospital x

Lance my CF nurse came round to tell me the news first thing on Monday morning so that I didnt find out another way, which I thank him for soooo much. It was horrible seeing him so upset too.

I just want to remember some of the great times we have had together which I will never forget. Vicky, who is going to help me cause havoc on Mulberry ward now and wind up Lance, Jen (the dietitian) and all the used to get me in trouble when I came to your room and then we heard the high heels of Dr Baker and I had to attempt to hide or walk quickly back to my room so we didnt get shouted at for cross-infection :) At night-time, it was like having a sleep-over, I would bring down my snacks and magazines and drip and wheel everything down to see you and the nurses often joined us if it was quiet. What am I going to do now when Im admitted - im dreading it so much.

Always trying not to laugh with each other or the coughing fits would start. From the moment I met u, I knew you were special, you were loved by everyone, even though your mouth would many times get you in trouble :) Such a strong little girl who never gave up until you really could take no more. That was so hard for me to see you in such a state but I had to stay strong for you and keep you smiling but inside I was crying. We never did get to do the day trip to Southend or go out in our police fancy dress outfits (still cant look at your facebook picture).

I cant tell you how much I will miss you but I will keep your spirit and memory alive on Mulberry, I owe you that much. The one thing I am glad of is that you are finally out of pain. I know you were scared at the end, I still have the emails, all your texts, cards and letters. I know you have been reunited with Aaron, Lewis and many of the other friends that you lost and missed so much. I dont know what else I can say as there is too much to write but you know how much I love you and always will - just wish we had that bit more time.

V.I.P's forever

x Always in my heart x Love you forever x Gone too soon x


  1. I know it must have been really difficult for you to write that.
    God bless you Vicky xx

  2. That was lovely!! I didn't know Vicky but she sounds like a special girl and you were lucky to meet each other. Love to you and Vicky up there in heaven who I have no doubt has made a big impression on the angels!! xx

  3. Well doen for writing that. Im not going to blog about her, as you have done so well urself. Wish you guys could have doen that trip to southend (Its where I live) I would have loved to see her (and you) Maybe if you ever decide to take the trip anyway (for her) you could get in touch, we can go grab a pink drink for vikki while ur here :-)