Tuesday, 18 August 2009

x New car and steriods ordered!! x

Woooooooooohooooooooooooo for 2 reasons!!

The first bit of news is that after 3 months of waiting I finally got my disability letter on monday and they had granted me the high rate again (which was obvious) but that meant I could order my new car!! I rang straight up and booked an appointment for today (tuesday) and have just got home and it will be here by the end of september....not quick enough for an impatient moo like me but I will have to deal with it. I have gone for the new ford fiesta in black...luvly!!
This spured me on yesterday to clean out my car which took bloody ages as it was a mess and I had to keep sitting down cause I was knackered....anyway, 2 coughing fits and 1 banged head later and I had finished and went for a nap lol :)

The second good bit of news is my weight is up to 47.3kg!! Yay!! Really pleased with how I look now - I no longer look 'ill' or skinny but still got to get upto 50kg.

Now for the shitty news:
My lung function went back down to 25% - however I have been on the cipro for nearly a week because of these coughing fits (which have got abit better) and now I have a course of steriods to take as my breathing is poo basically.
Im also really worried about my 2 girls - anna and Vicky (both have CF too). Both are in HDU (high dependancy unit) but I found out today that hopefully Vicky will move back to the ward soon but anna was fitted with a chest drain today after being rushed back in last night....both are really scared, which is to be expected, but im also scared for them...both have been through soooo much...nearly 10 months since Vicky has slept in her own bed and anna has had to deal with soooo much over this last year....sending all my love and hugs to them both xxx

Will updated with more ramblings soon but nothing is planned for the next few days other than more eating and exercise...fun fun fun

x Lots of love x

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  1. aw poor girlies, thinking of them both.
    Thats rubbish about your lung function! Hope the steroids help you out. Might help with those last few kgs too? xx