Friday, 17 July 2009

x All worn out x

Panic has set in!!!
Went to clinic on tuesday for check-up and was feeling ok if not abit tired after my bday weekend. Weight was up to 46kg which is the highest it has been in 1 and half years so was pleased :) my lung function was the shocking bit...i tried really hard and it had dropped by alot from 32% to 23%....what the hell is going on there!!! I nearly cried due to shock. So because of this i am now back on cipro antibiotics to see if that will help and i will focus on my exercise for the next week or so. I got that new wii active thing for my bday so will attempt to start that soon.

Wednesday, me and Scott took the dogs for their yearly booster jabs and was told that bella has a chronic skin condition which will prob be with her forever...i thought this was quite funny that the 2 girls in Scotts life always have something wrong with them :)

Thursday i felt rubbish....had no energy and was feeling sickly so slept for alot of the day...everyones theory on this was because i have been busy all week so it all caught up with about 3pm i was feeling ok...just needed a day to rest!!

We have been decorating Scotts room all week and have finished painting today...although most of it is on me!! Had a good day though and am now looking forward to tonight to see a family friend and Stephie is coming round for a catch up :) Tonight we was supposed to be going Ivory Lounge for more bday celebrations but alot of the girls from work arent feeling great and are abit short of cash so we will have to re-shedule...I dont mind really but it is a shame!!

Off for a shower to attempt to clean myself of paint!!

x Lots of love x


  1. gosh that is a big drop! Surprised they didnt put you on IVs. Hope it picks up xx

  2. Fingers crossed your LF picks up xx