Friday, 10 July 2009

x Im sooooo excited x

Wahhhooooo!! Finally its friday and im starting my 21st birthday celebrations tonight!! Off to Thai Silks at the o2 with some of my girly mates and i am not on antibiotics of any kind so will take full advantage and drink myself silly!!

Not much has happened since my last post...I have been concentrating on my uni work and bloody exciting!!! Well it has all paid off as I have finished my main essay which ended up being 25 pages altogether and I had to hand in 2 copies so alot of printer ink was used!! I handed it in today and feel less stressed already (until I get the results that is!!). Ironing has paid off too as now I actually have stuff to wear!!

I havent been to work all week...not cause im a lazy moo but because there is swine flu at the nursery!! I was advised not to go in for a while for obvious reasons....Swine flu was also confirmed at the school where my mum works...its trying to get me!!! I have a perscription on standby at the doctors incase I start to see symptoms. Joy!!

I missing Scott soooooooooo much. He is back in the early hours of Sunday morning so I have requested he come and wake me up on my birthday with lots of presents in hand lol. I have seen my doggies a few times this week and they go absolutly mad when I come in the door...god knows how they are going to act when they get to see their daddy after 10 days away!!

I am off to start getting next post will be as a 21 year old!!! How scary!!

x Lots of love x


  1. hope you have a great birthday. Its great isnt it when you do some ironing and find clothes you forgot you had!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a BEAST of a night tee hee xx