Saturday, 27 June 2009

x Poor mummy x

My mummy is not well and she never gets ill (thats normally my job lol). There is something going around the school where she works. Its a tickly cough and so she has lost her voice but today she has been in the chair allday and its making her tired and she cant even get up. This is nothing like my mummy so I am currently making her a drink and telling her to go to bed. I am worried about catching it as its my birthday in 2 weeks and I have ALOT planned so need to be well. Im sooooooo bloody excited about it!!

On wednesday, I went to the uni and handed in my finished essay and reflective journal. On Thursday, we had Sky installed woohoo but I was having a bad day healthwise - I dont know what was wrong with me!! I had a very bad stomach and felt really tired allday. I was still eating though lol!! Friday my belly was still playing up alittle but it had gone by the time me and Scott went to the pictures. I didnt really want to go but I have to admit the film Transformers was good although it was very long!!

Scott found out that Harry Potter tickets were availiable to book so he had alittle scream and went straight on the internet to book tickets for the opening night lol....its at the imax....i dont actually know what this it 3D?? Do u get to wear those funny glasses???

Today I nearly crashed!!! It was a nice day allday and then it suddenly got dark, rained really heavily and then we had hailstones the size of malteasers just as I went to leave my Dads!! I attempted to run to the car and once I was in it, it sounded like my car was being shot at!! Very scary...I proberly shouldnt have drove in it but i am impatient lol! I hope its nice tomorrow as me and Scott are planning to take the dogs out. Not long till he goes away :( and i have clinic the same day too so will have to go early and rush home to see him off.

Off to bed now, Im knackered and need to clean my neb!!

x Lots of love x

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