Monday, 22 June 2009

x One more finished, 2 to go!! x

I have finished another uni essay!! Woohoo and thank god!!
Wednesday, thursday and friday I tried really hard and it paid off as it is all ready to hand in so I thought I deserved a break so didnt do anything uni related over the weekend, oh apart from making notes out of a book. Now I am half way through one of my essays and halfway through the other one so not long to go I hope!!

On friday night, Scott went out with the boys to the pictures so I thought I would have a nice relaxing night in but I was so bored - really didnt feel like watching tv or reading so me and my friend Steph decided to go out. Im soooooo glad we did because we had such a funny, random night and I have not laughed that much for cheeks and stomach was actually hurting!! I was home by half 11 though because I had to get up because me and Scott went shopping up London to Oxford Street. I really enjoyed the day even though I feel straight asleep when I got in as I was knackered, I didnt realise how looooooong Oxford Street was lol. We had millions of bags because of the huge primark - i did get lost a few times in the shop and was being pushed about everywhere...madness!!

Sunday was Daddys day so I got up early and went to daddys house to cook him breakfast and give him his pressies. We sat down and ate and read the papers and then I went home at lunchtime...Scott came down and we relaxed allday and just watched tv and films which was really nice. Today I went back to work (1st time since my ivs finished) and had a good time even though I was really tired...Im even more excited about my birthday now as all the girls from work are coming out on the 17th to Ivory Lounge...woohoo..and its also one of the other girls from works birthday on the 15th so its a double celebration!! Its mummys birthday tomorrow so have been getting little bits and pieces together!!

On the health front - ive been feeling ok actually. Still eating like a horse and doing exercise on most days so I am proud of myself. Talking of food, Im going to find some now!!

x Lots of love x

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