Tuesday, 16 June 2009

x Tube Free and Fatter x

First of all - wwwwoooooohhhhooooo!!
I cant tell everyone how happy i am!! Its very rare lately that a hospital appointment has made me smile but today i am!! I have got my line out and my lung function was up alittle bit but the best news was my weight - i was 43kg when i left hospital on thursday and today i was 45.5kg!!! I was shocked!! My CF nurse said he was proud of me which was really nice to hear but i know i still have to get upto that 50kg mark!!

I went up to the ward to pay a visit to Vicky and see the nurses and got lots of hugs but Vicky wasnt there!! She escaped for a few hours to go and have her hair done :) I got a text from her monday to say that her bowels were no longer blocked and i was told by Lance today that she was alot better. What a relief!! I am soooo pleased and took up everyones messages for her from the CF forum. She text me when she got back to the ward and said sorry for missing me but i am just so happy that she got out - she deserves it - i will see her next week proberly!!

I got to see my friend Steph today too - we went for a meal and then she came with me to hospital so i wanted to say thank u. She kept talking about my birthday which is only a few weeks away so i was getting really excited!

Over the weekend, I couldnt do much anyway as i was still on ivs but i took the dogs out for a walk everyday since being out of hospital and i also walked round to my mums school to meet her at lunch (about a 10 minute walk). I also have hit the uni work and done really well with it ovr the weekend. I am abit pissed off with the uni though - they have given me extra time because of being in hospital alot but i have asked to see some lecturers for advice on certain bits of work but they say they are busy and if i could email them instead... i dont think this is fair as i have obviously got extra time due to a stressful situation and they are making me stress even more by making me worry...i really feel like im doing it on my own :(

For the rest of the week i am going to do uni work and make sure i keep up the exercise and eating and then have said i can go back to work next week if they need me! I have missed it!! At the weekend, Scott is not working on saturday so we are planning to go up london to the big primark as he needs holiday clothes and i just need to shop - i dont really need a reason do i??? I also need to buy a few things for people - fathers day is sunday and mums birthday is tuesday!! i have no idea what to buy!!

x Lots of love x

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