Sunday, 24 May 2009

x Happiness and then a snotty nose x

Well....first about the off to clinic on tuesday to be put on it...yay!!! Im really excited but nervous at the same time as i am pinning all my hopes on it so i want it to work for me!! Will let u know how it goes and if, or when, it kicks in.

I have still been feeling really happy since my last post and just been trying to get this uni stuff done. But I have had a busy and tiring week so need to slow down abit. On wednesday, I went bluewater for lunch and shopping with Steph which was sooooo funny and we brought clothes for friday and then thursday I went to get my hair done in the afternoon as it was looking a mess!! It now looks lovely :) Thursday was also a very special day as it was mine and Scotts 3 year anniversary (even though it feels like forever lol). We just spent a nice night together and had dinner together. He brought me a big bouquet of pink flowers which were gorgeous!!

Friday I had work for a few hours which was good and then of the night time was clubbing time!! We went to zens and it was ok but I prefer going to the clubs and bars at the o2 as they play the sort of music i like all night. It was a good night thou and i got in at about 2am and slept on the sofa lol. I didnt sleep well as i had a bellyache and the beginnings of a snotty over the weekend i did nothing but cough, blow my nose and moan!!

Today i feel nose aint causing the tickly cough much but still clogged up so will hit the wii-fit later on still planning on resting abit today but will sit here and do uni work and eat!! I dont want my chest to start to get bad again as i have been doing quite well so fingers crossed it wont!!

Am actually quite hungry today even though i've been snacking and had breakfast n stuff already but im not complaining! Going to find some more food and waiting for mummy to get back with another supply of jelly babies...mmmmmm...she is off all week as its half term so i have some company!!!

Speak to u all soon xxx

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