Wednesday, 13 May 2009

x I want megace!! x

Clinic yesterday!! It was ok i suppose!! My lung function went up to 37% and my chest sounded quite clear so thats good news - now need to step up the exercise - wii fit here i come!! My weight went down a little bit to 43.7kg but i knew it would be something like that so it wasnt a shock. Been speaking to people on the CF forum and there is something called megace which a few of them have had and have positive things to say about increases your appetite so you eat everything in sight i demanded this to my dietitian and CF nurse. They researched it and seemed ok about it but they will talk about it in the CF meeting on thursday and let me know....i sooooooooooo hope that they put me on it as this is my last chance to put on weight before they come at me with a PEG which i am horrified by!!

It was also my lovely boyfriend Scott's birthday yesterday and he came down after work, i cooked him dinner and he opened his pressies...i secretly brought him an ipod touch 32gb and he loved it..he was surprised as i said i would give him some money to put towards it but i got a good deal so brought it anyway lol...mummy got him lots of different bits and pieces which included a cup with an electric spinner on the bottom so you press a button and it mixes up your drink for you...scott has an obsession with chocolate milk (not any chocolate milk, it has to be the nesquick powder and then milk mixed together). So for the rest of the night he was playing with the ipod touch and listening to the songs on it and dancing round the room while holding his chocolate milk cup!!! I love him xx

Im happy at the moment and have been feeling quite alright over the past week or so....the only thing that is hindering the happiness is this bloody uni work and my weight but we will sort them out soon.
I have always liked going to work at the nursery but over the past couple of times i have gone into work i have loved it and thats due to getting along with everyone that wors there. They have all been great and im now really looking forward to a few nights out we have all got booked up!! wooohoooo!!

Even though I have had a good week...i have had 2 things wrong with me which are quite funny according to scott and mummy....1st thing: we went to the funfair on friday night and it was great...mum came and worried about me all the way round because it was abit cold and the rides did make me have coughing fits because i scream all the way round and laugh so that was great physio. however, the last ride was sooooo fast and spun round and round and i came off and said my back hurt...mum had a look and screamed as i had bruises all up my spine...its only just going down now so i can just about sit back was worth it thou...i love funfairs!! the 2nd problem was after work on work we went outside with the kids as it was sunny and we was out there for about an hour...well when i got home i had a red nose, cheek and forehead..i was sunburnt!!! i had been joking about it because i was on antibiotics they make you burn easier but i was only in it for an hour - that takes this piss lol xx

Anyway...i must be off now...i have to go to uni to hand in some work and then carry on with the rest of it! I cant wait to finish all these essays i am starting to go slowly insane!!

x Lots of love x


  1. lol im on voriconazole and I went out in the sun about 2 weeks ago for maybe 40 minutes and burnt my back!

  2. Doxicycline is slowly turning my skin to Leather....Megace does do wonders for your weight, and thise wonders seem to keep going even after u come off it, like it trains ur brain into thinking it needs more food, which is fantastic...But be warned, it CAN, in some people i know, make you feel a bit blue and it kills mens sex drive...tho im not sure about women. BUT ! The benefits outweigh the cons by far, and u feel great when u come off of it !

  3. lol girls u made me laugh - all antibiotics are evil in the sun it sounds like lol - oooo kiz thanks for the info!! i sooooo want it - i just want to be a healthy weight again x