Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Blonde again!!

I have my lovely blonde hair back!! I did like being a brunette but i always missed my blonde and now i love it :) I had it done yesterday and now my energy and appetite is coming back and the cough is less and less, so i feel like the 'old' me again. Yay!!

I had a good weekend but also a sad weekend. Friday night was the JLS concert at the o2 which was great and they are brilliant live too. I took pics and had started to feel abit better by then so was able to dance. However, my best mate Steph had full blown flu (not a cold, but flu) and still isnt able to get up out of bed. She couldnt come so i took my little bro who was excited. It was nice to spend an evening with him as we are very close but I hated that Steph couldnt come. I had her crying down the phone because she couldnt go and because she felt terrible and I hate the fact that I couldnt go and see her. She always comes to see me and up the hospital when im not well so i wanted to return the favour obviously, but we both know that its not an option. If she is that ill with the flu, then god knows what would happen to me. I just text her most days and we will make up for it once shes better. Im always thinking of her though xx

Saturday was supposed to be a CF fundraising day at the pub. Because of the weather the last few weeks it had to be called off so that was abit poo but it will be rescheduled for another day so im looking forward to it as im a mascot :)

As i said earlier, Im feeling alot better now these iv's are doing their job and im counting the days until i finish them. Once i start feeling better, i start really wanting the needle out and it starts getting annoying and such a chore. I have a week to go and i hope it goes fast!!

x Lots of love x

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