Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow is here!!

Stating the bloody obvious here but....its snowing!!! Yay!! It started on tuesday morning so I drove up to Scotts (he is off work now as he is on a building site, which is not good to lose money before xmas) and it was all main roads so was clear to drive on. We took the dogs to a little park near his house which hardly gets used and we made a snowlady and snowman which took ages but was great!! Scott threw snowballs at me as he cant help himself and the dogs love to eat snow so they were happy too. I was wet so changed into scotts clothes and we sat in his room watching The Walking Dead and 24.

Scott has a Lovefilm account which allows him to rent films, tv series and computer games so since then we have watched lots of things. On our holiday to York, we watched the whole series of Gavin and Stacy which was brilliant but we couldnt get into The Office, even though I love Ricky Gervais. Our new series is 24 - ive never seen it before so we started from the beginning and are so far just over halfway through series 1...each series is 24 hours long and i think there is about 8 series, so it will take awhile but its gripping!!!

Anyway back to snow stories...surprise surprise, i fell over!! I got home from Scotts and was all alone, the street was quiet (thank god) and it was dark. I got out the car and walked up the side of my mums car which is parked on the drive and stood in a big mound of snow which made me fall forward abit, so i put my other foot forward onto the step, which is very slippery and skidded and landed on my poor little knees. I sat there for a while in shock then laughed to myself and eventually got up and wobbled indoors. Scott also fell over which is even funnier!! Last night he was seeing my brother's car out the bottom of the road as he had to reverse down it and as he stepped back, he slipped, smacked the car with his bare hand as he was looking for something to grab, and fell flat on his arse. Im laughing about it even now - poor Scottings xx

On wednesday my daddy had an operation on his sinuses as they have always played him up but over the last few months he has been on constant painkillers and had headaches. I get bad sinuses because of the CF so partly understand how bad the headaches can be but luckly mine dont cause me too many problems, its only when i have a cold i notice it. Its also the first time he has had a general anesthetic and he was only a day case if everything went to plan. Everything went well and I spoke to him once when he came round and once when he was home. He feels better already and got lots of sleep whilst waiting to be discharged so went back to light work at the pub!! He loved the anesthetic and compared notes with me about it and then said he had a cottage pie for dinner before he left and he moaned about the portions lol - i understand totally ;)

Today I tidied my room from top to bottom and i took a few hours - half an hour was spent on trying to clean up the drips from my overnight feed all on the floor and side. It sets like wonder it helps put on weight!! I wrote another list on what more i had to buy for xmas and really wanna go shopping now to finish it. Me and mummy were gonna go shopping today but the weather has stopped us going Lakeside as roads are blocked, too icy, or closed!! Something to look forward to though!

x Lots of love x

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