Sunday, 28 November 2010

x Still feeling happy...and more shopping! x

Ive been to the cinema twice since my last post: last Sunday we saw Harry Potter which Scott got very excited about as he loves it, and this week we saw London Boulevard. They were both good films!!

In health news: Im still doing ok, my chest seems fine and my weight seems to be holding. Over the last week, I have been finding eating difficult...i am hungry but just dont know what i feel like having! I hope I find something soon as im annoying myself!! My little lungs DO NOT like this weather. Everytime I go outside, the sudden cold air and change in temperature makes me cough and sends my lungs into a little hissy fit. I still want it to snow sounds like every part of the UK has snow except us in London but it is promised for this week - yay!

I also had a family outing to the doctors for a flu jab (fun times) which i didnt even feel this year, didnt get a dead arm and didnt have any side effects...i personally think i didnt feel it as i am fatter this year so have more meat on my arms lol :) I went back down the doctors for an appointment to sort out my prescription as there are things missing off of it that should be on it and it was driving me mad. He sorted it in 5 minutes so now i have a prescription with 22 different items on it. He finally did my referral letter to get me on a fitness scheme at my gym so that I can go for cheaper because I need to go for health reasons. It means i can go whenever I want so dont have to worry too much about money as its only £11 a month. Now just have to ring the gym tomorrow to say i have the referral and will hopefully be able to start it in the new year.

Ive done all my online xmas shopping now and still have a few things to be delivered but the things that I have got, ive wrapped up all neatly. Im off to the shops next week with my friend Steph to get more pressies, cards and bits and pieces. I love buying people pressies and try to put alot of thought into them. Im so excited...its only a month away now!!!

Today was a year today since my friend Anna lost her battle with CF. It seems like ages ago and I miss talking to her everyday. We used to have such a giggle online and she was an amazing person to know.

I have a busy start to the week ahead so will update once I sit down!!

x Lots of love x

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