Monday, 22 November 2010

x Diabetes clinic x

I had an appointment at the diabetes clinic with Jen my dietician to have a talk about what the hell my body is doing with the insulin and we still dont really know!! As far as i can make out....I definatly have CF related diabetes because my sugars are not in the 'normal' ranges of 4-7. However, when I have been testing them they havent been drastically high - i think the highest was about 10, however, its more a case of them being low. This is not because i havent been eating...for example, after a meal at the carvery with a glass of coke, 2 hours after my sugars were only 2.7, and the other night at the start of my feed my sugars were 9.6 (after a bowl of cereal and mars bar before bed) and after my feed finished at 3am, they went down to 8.5. Even CF patients without diabetes sometimes have to take insulin with feeds but mine went down after having it?? Why is my body so bloody complicated lol!!

The result of this is an appointment in January to fit a constant blood glucose monitor. This is a small tube (like a cannula/venflon) thats put into my belly (my poor little belly is taking alot of trauma this last year lol) and will stay there for about 4 days. It has a memory in it so that it can see what my blood sugar levels are doing for 24 hours a day. I really didnt want it but it is the only way we can see a true picture of whats happening and hopefully get some answers. If diabetes is not treated, it can cause issues with putting on weight and increased chest infections - both of which i am trying to improve!!

Tuesday night was brilliant. Me and Scott went for a meal with our other couple mates Sirin and Carlton. We havent seen them in a while and ended up staying out for about 4 hours in the pub/restaurant talking about old times and really laughing. I have done alot of my shopping online these last few days and have got alot more ideas for stuff and have planned a big shopping day to Lakeside with Steph in a few weeks to get pressies and bits and bobs so cant wait!!

Friday I had a bad day - just feeling tired and coughing with a sore chest. These days always worry me but i try and think that everyone has bad days so if i just allow myself to rest and sort myself out the next day. I stayed at home all day and mum had the day off so we made my high calorie muffins. The 1st attempt went wrong and i made some mixture that strongly looked like scrambled egg so mummy chucked it in the sink...the 2nd attempt went well and even though it took me 2 and half hours from start to finish, i finaly have something that resembles muffins :D
After, I was so tired so fell asleep and then loaded up on KFC to boost my calories as i didnt do well with eating that day either. Hopefully the weekend will be a good one.

x Lots of love x

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  1. eugh I dont know how you can eat KFC etc they just give me belly ache! I dont even have diabetes and when I go to outpatients my sugars are always low and they are like 'have you had some breakfast' and I always have done, so I think i'm weird too! xx