Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Crashing back down :(

Im on iv's :(
Started them yesterday and am already feeling the shitty side effects - which is good as i know they are working but bad because i feel like a little ball of poo!! My cough got worse over the weekend so I was forced to ring Lance and organise iv's. I got the iv's delivered on tuesday then took the first dose up to the hospital with me and Lance put my needle in.

I was on my feed for 2 hours whilst watching some programme on the 50 top bad plastic surgery stories on E4 which was horrendous!! During this, I was hot and cold so was in and out the covers, switching my fan on and off and then as i sat up the sickness started and I made it to the loo before being sick...this scared mummy again, but i brushed my teeth, refilled my water and plugged my feed back in lol. I think its the iv side effects and i hope they go soon!!

I havent really done much else as im trying to rest as i have a busy weekend and want to be better as soon as rather than push myself whilst im ill and take longer to recover.

I dragged myself to the pub on sunday as we started to put the decorations up which was great. Because I coughed so much and was tired anyway, I was shattered afterwards, so went straight home to bed for a nap :) Today Scott gave me the brilliant news that he has finally decided to get his haircut after 6 months, but he cant have it yet because he cut his head open on the scaffold today at work! Div!

Will update you on weekend events which include raising money for CF and going to JLS concert!!! Im overly excited :)

x Lots of love x

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