Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Time

Christmas was great!!

Xmas eve the boys went out on a pub crawl which started at half 11 with a breakfast in a weatherspoons and then off from there. I met them at 8pm in a bar called Pure for the rest of the night. It was great and I enjoyed myself despite sore feet (I am useless in mini high heels) and the coldness! I got in and went straight to bed ready for Santa :)

Xmas day started wih a phone call from an impatient Scottings wanting me to go up there with his pressies. By half 9, i was there with a massive box and 2 big carrier bags full. He had a main pressie of surrond sound for his bedroom and lots of bits and pieces such as dvd's, clothes.... I always get lovely pressies off his mum and dad too. The doggies loved it and they didnt settle down until all the pressies had been opened. They LOVE wrapping paper so continued to shred it all over the living room. I then went back home at half 11 to wake my bro up as he had been out till early hours of the morning, gave him his pressie (tickets for us all to go and see Usher in concert!!! Wahooo) and then we got to daddys pub at half 12.

The pub shut at 2pm and we all sorted out the tables and got pressies ready. We all opened our pressies together and then ate dinner about 5pm. There was 12 of us!! Me, Scott, Danny, Dad, Lisa (dad's partner), Emma and Dan and Dan's girlfriend (Lisa's children), Lisa's dad and brother, and 2 of the regulars who were on their own for xmas - Tommy and Dennis. After dinner, we went home to see mummy. Unfortunatly her shifts fell on xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day from 7.30am - 4pm. It was a lovely evening opening our pressies with mummy and then watching the television.

The best part of the day: my bro falling over on the ice getting out my car. I swear i stopped breathing at one point through laughing so hard. He didnt even fall on his bum, he justfell straight on his back, banging his hip and laid on the floor for a few minutes. He was holding a chelsea shirt which my dad had just got framed, so that also landed face down on the floor but thankfully, didnt smash!! I laughed all night.

Now to mention some of my pressies: Scott got me a week in Rome!!!! I cant frigging wait...its not until July but im starting to plan already lol. My daddy gave me money, wii dance games, a pink cupcake maker, and other little bits and pieces. I got lots of different bits from Scott's mum and dad including a pink babygro!! My little bro brought me pink, sparkley stud earrings which were prettiful. Mummy brought me lots as usual which included a fur coat, pauls boutique pink hoodie, ipod nano, an epilator, and lots of stuff from my fav shop Lipsy such as a dressing gown, slippers, bag, perfume, and velour tracksuit. Along with lots of other bits and pieces which were lovely. I think i did very well!!!

After boxing day, i got to see family!! My aunties came down to see my dad from Bath and Bristol which was great and then, in the afternoon, I went with my mum to my auntie angelas house to see her and all my cousins. My cousin is pregnant and the baby is due at the end of Jan so good luck Frankie!!! Its a baby boy and she only lives near my hospital so i hope i can go and keep her company once she has him.

x Lots of love x

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