Tuesday, 21 April 2009

x What a month!! x

Hey everyone,

Haven't wrote on here for a month because I really couldnt be arsed to be honest!! I was really fed up as I was taken back into hospital after only 3 weeks of being out - i didnt understand why either as I wasnt bringing up alot of stuff but was coughing all day and my chest was so sore i couldnt move and didnt want to anyway as i had no energy. Went to clinic and it turns out the infection hadnt completely gone from before so it just got worse again...oh and i also fell asleep waiting for Lance to do a blood test (how embarrassing lol) and they sent me home with oral antibiotics and painkillers. I tried these but over the weekend nothing had changed so Monday I was taken in. Thankfully this time, my line went in first time and I went straight to sleep afterwards.

My mum makes things worse as when things get bad we both set each other off laughing!! This happened the second night in hospital when i attempted to walk to the restaurant and back. Well...it took half an hour to walk to the restaurant as i couldnt breathe lol and then on the way back, after sausages, chips and beans, and an icecream in my hand, i tried to walk back but only made it outside the restaurant doors when I was sick through coughing and still trying to keep hold of my icecream lol...mum ran to get tissues from a nearby toilet and nicked a wheelchair from the corridor so i could get back!! When we did get back, i was knackered!!

This hospital stay went ok i suppose and I managed to escape on bank holiday monday. For the rest of that week I just chilled out, sorted stuff out and began hitting my uni work!! Had a visit from Steph who was loaded with KFC...mmmmmm...so that was a really nice day.

Today I had a check up at the hospital and it was mostly good news...my lung function has gone up from 29% to 35% and that is thanks to me taking the dogs for a walk a few times with Scott and playing the wii and the wii-fit!! My weight has gone up (as i lost some while being in hospital but thats no surprise considering what the food is like!!) to 44.4kg. Oh and i also found out that when i was really ill last January (mentioned at the start of my blog) that was pheumonia!!! no wonder i lost all the weight!!

So I will leave it there for now as its quite a positive time...im going to try and keep doing what i should be and get on with some uni work...argh!!

Lots of love xx

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  1. I'm glad things are starting to look up :)