Monday, 16 March 2009

x Thank God Im Clear x


Text from Lance to say I am clear of MRSA!! Thank god for that! Have been so nervous since hospital on tuesday so am sooooo relieved!!

Things are finally looking up at the moment for me - i shouldnt say that because as soon as i do things take a turn for the worse!

Im still doing my physio and am just about to go for a walk round to meet mummy for lunch at the school as its a sunny day :) but starting back on my nebs after the i.vs has given me a husky voice!! Making me cough alittle and Scott was not impressed the other night as he just changed the duvet as the puppy had decided to wee on it, and then i was sick on it through too much coughing!! Oh well - dont know who's worse - me or the dogs!!

Wednesday was good - uni was boring but the meal and film were great and had a big catch up with Sirin. Was soooooo looking forward to friday and going out with the girls from work but it didnt happen as everyone was busy....that was a shame but its hopefully going to go ahead in april. Saturday I went to a family friends 60th which was ok - it was nice to catch up with people i hadnt seen in ages - they said i looked well - even better!!

Oh....Im soooooo excited this week im getting things sorted out. Last week, I couldnt even look at uni work - i wasnt in the mood and needed a rest after the past few weeks so am getting back into that, but even better news is that im going to look at some cars this week - a peugeot 206cc - one of them is black and one is silver!! Hope they are as good as they look - im sure i will let u all know if i do get one!

Right im off now to sort out my room - it looks like my ironing has exploded and ended up all over my room so better do some so that i actually have some clothes to wear!!

x Lots of love x

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