Monday, 9 March 2009

x 2 Weeks In Hospital x

Well what a fun couple of weeks I have had...not!!

Caught a chest infection so went to clinic on the Tuesday and they said they were going to bring me in for 2 weeks of iv's....much to my disgust but I was coughing all day, pulling muscles and all sorts so I suppose it was for the best!

Went home and moaned and cried as I hate canulas and having the bloody line put hurts!! Wednesday I was woken by a text from my CF nurse to say the bed is ready and I got to the hospital at 12.30pm. Finally at half 7, the doctor appeared at the doors and attempted to put the line in but it didnt he tried again in the same vein and it still didnt work...I was later told that it may not have worked because I had had my line in that place before and it might have been scarred. By this time, I was crying and in pain, so after putting emula cream on and waiting another hour to numb my hand, with mum pinning me to the bed, he managed to get it in my hand...thank god!!!
I have my iv's at 6am, 2pm and 10pm so I always get tired and was knackered the next day so slept for most of it...mum came up after school with my lil bro with balloons and cards and food!!!
Friday started off ok until at 2pm, my CF nurse came in with the news that they had found MRSA in my sputum sample...I couldnt believe it and started to panic but he said they would treat it like any other infection and gave me a cream to put in my nose (which stunk!!) and I would have to have an extra drip which took and hour at 10am and 10pm. So from then on when I had any visitors, they had to wear aprons and gloves incase it was on my skin which made me feel dirty and even worse!

Mummy in her apron and gown --------------------->

The MRSA drip started on saturday morning but they had to test my levels beofre and after so I was woken at half 7 to have a lovely blood test and then started the drip at 10am....Scott turned up at half 10 and 15 minutes towards the end of the drip, he saw my whole body turn red and I began to itch all over. He went to get someone and they didnt really say much other than it might be me getting used to it and that it would go down once the drip had finished. Scott went at lunchtime and I had had enough so burst into tears when I spoke to mum....Thank god, my mate Steph came up with her mummy at 3pm cause they cheered me up (even though I looked a mess) and then daddy came up at night-time and brought me spagetti bolognase in a flask (to try and keep it warm lol).

By Sunday, I managed to get some sleep (mum guarded the door lol) and the iv's began to kick in so I started to feel better and cough less....days went by not too bad until wednesday. It was supposed to be my last day in hospital as they said I could go home and carry on my iv's until tuesday so I was looking forward to it. In the morning, I had the worst blood test ever...the stupid man got the needle in fine but towards the end the blood stopped so he began wriggling the needle about to try and get more blood hurts but he carried on doing it for about five minutes until I shouted at him to stop and so did my dad....when I looked at my arm once the needle was out, I screamed...I realised he hadnt loosened the tornakay so thats why there was no f***ing blood and my arm was blue!!! He was reported!! Wednesday night, I had my drips as normal but they were started a bit late as it was busy...the MRSA drip was nearly finished at 2am when my body suddenly went bright red and really itchy and then became all looked like I had fallen in stinigng nettles...the nurse came in and called the on-call doctor straight away and covered me in cream to ease the rash and gave me anti-histamine...anyway...managed to get to sleep by half 3 in the morning and they decided to take me off the drip (thank god) and give me oral tablets instead. Because I had that bad reaction, they wanted to keep me an extra day to monitor me which made me more upset so dad took me to the cafe next to the hospital for a fry-up :)

<<<---My rash got so itchy, I stuck my feet in a bucket of water!!

Finally, got home friday dinnertime and slept straight away....spent a nice night at my dads and then to see my puppy dogs finally after all this time even though I had to keep my hand away from them!! Slept at home for the rest of saturday and then sunday, had a dvd day with scott. Sunday night, we went to do my iv's at 10pm and the saline stung and then I tried to put the medicine in and it stung soooooo much I couldn't put hardly any in...oh vein had given up and tissued :(

I was due to finish the iv's on tuesday so said I didnt want another line put in just for 1 day but mum thought different so we had a big arguement and I went to bed...My CF nurse came round today and he took it out but we all had another argument as to whether I should have another one put in, I cried so we left it....Im now just trying to get the movement and strength back in my hand (it looks a mess!!) and the reaction to the MRSA drip still flares up quite bad which is now driving me mad!!! Got hospital tomorrow for check-up so will let you all know how it goes - most of all, I pray the MRSA has gone.

x Lots of love x


  1. Sounds sucky indeed.

    Next time they put you on the *MRSA DRIP* (What drug actually is it? Teicoplanin? Tazocin? Doxyclyclin?) get them to give you anti histamines BEFORE u start the drip, or better yet, have u take them every 4 hours either, all day, then you wont react !

  2. Hey,
    Yes...not a good time!! MRSA drip was Vancamicin (not sure about spelling). I had anti-histamines all the time but still reacted so dont know what happened!! My Dr told me it tends to be CF patients that are allergic!! Im on tablets now called doxycyclin but the rash still flares up!! xx

  3. Have you thought about getting a port if your having so much trouble and distress with canulas? xx

  4. I havent needed one before as I was rarely in alot but they havent mentioned one yet so dont know!! Once the canulas r in, I normally make them last but I will think about it if things carry u have one? x

  5. why couldnt you have a long line? Emla makes it harder to put needles in as is makes the veins smaller so try not to have it if you can! If you find you are having ivs maybe every 3 months I would get a port if venflons are such a nightmare. If not, try putting your arms in big buckets of hot water (Ive used massive sharps bins, empty obviously!) for 15 minutes to bring all the juicy veins up so the doctor can get a good one. Ive never had mrsa so cant comment on that but it sounds horrible!

  6. yeah if i get worse and go in more then i will think about a port even though its scary!! lol - sharps bins r handy for other things aint they, my mum used one for a vase while i was in hosp once!! long lines i have never got n with and they r so stressful - venflons seem to be quicker and easier! x