Wednesday, 11 March 2009

x Clinic Report x

Got to clinic and weight was down to 45.3kg but i knew it would be as I had a bellyache all day!! Typical!! They didnt really mention the weight so thats a good sign (normally I get moaned at so I was happy)!

I was suffering as I couldn't take my anti-histimine for the rash as I was driving and it makes me drowsy so when I got there, I showed the Dr that it was still flaring up even though I stopped the Vancamicin last wednesday...she didnt know why it was still happening and we couldn't link it to anything else so I got a bit worried....she said if it continues then I will be reffered to a dermatoligist.

Lung function weren't up but I will focus on this and do exercise everyday to get it up (hopefully!!) - its still at 38%. :(

As for the MRSA, well I was angry, as when I was in hospital and they found it in my sputum, they then did a skin test to see if it was on my skin....I didnt hear anything back so forgot about it but my Dr looked up the results and told me it was positive on my skin too!! Why didn't they tell me?? I asked if that could be the rash and whether anyone can catch it but she said no to both so at least I don't have to be locked away!!! I gave them another sputum and they did another skin test and I will have to wait until monday when Lance (my CF nurse) rings with the results....I will worry until then.

Other than that, Im feeling ok and just trying to get back to normal....popped into work before hospital and it was lovely to see everyone!! Im going back to uni today and then going to the pictures with Sirin to see Confessions of a Shopaholic, so that will be nice to see her again!!

Will let you know about the results as soon as I know.

x Lots of Love x


  1. Ur Doc said no one can catch ur MRSA? You serious? Any other Cf's you come into contact with can catch it, as well as anyone with open wounds. You need to keep away from both. As well as newborn babys. Ive had it for years, these are the standard MRSA rules..

  2. Oh yeah...i know that CF's can catch it and anyone with a lower immune system i just meant that in terms of family and friends - it was just a shock!!