Thursday, 5 March 2009

x When It All Kicked Off x


Until January 2008, I had managed my CF quite well only having to have iv's and come into hospital about every 2 years. However, I must have caught a bad infection and left it for too long as after 3 weeks of being ill, I couldn't avoid it anymore and went into hospital. When I got there, I was rushed straight to the ward, they stuck a line in my arm and shoved oxygen up my nose!! It all happened soooo fast but I eventually found out my sats were only 79 (normally should be about 94 and they put you on oxygen at 93) and my weight had dropped from 50kg to 37kg (in stone I think thats about 8 stone to 5 and a half) in 2 weeks!!

Since then, I have struggled to put on weight even though I eat all bloody day, and have been admitted 4 times in 2008, 3 times for iv's cause of chest infections and 1 for a ng tube to be put down (the worst thing ever!!). For those that dont know - its a tube that is put down your nose and into your stomach so that they can feed you extra calories overnight...well that lasted 2 weeks and then got blocked. We were advised to put coke or lucozade down the tube, because its fizzy, it will hopefully unblock it. Well that didnt bloody work! There was too much pressure so wouldn't go through, it backfired and I got covered in coke and the tube got taken out.

<<<---- the bloody plasters could have blended in abit more!!

So overall, a shitty year and alot of tears and hard work...not just me feeling sorry for myself but because it affected so many other people and it makes me feel guilty (even though I know its not my fault)...also things like letting work down and missing my mates birthday made it harder.

But that was last year and the year ended on a kind of good weight was up to 44kg and I had a good appetite...although the first thing I opened on xmas day was my steriods (I had an infection and wanted to avoid hospital over xmas!!!). I got a wii for xmas from my lovely boyfriend, Scott and the wii-fit which told me I was underweight and weak...yeah thanks!!!

So, that was the worst year so far but im determined to get my weight back up so I can stop being harassed by doctors and dieticians about having a PEG, (a feeding tube which goes into my stomach) and fitness abit better as lung function is in the 30-40% range.

x Lots of Love x

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