Monday, 15 February 2010

x Nice trip to A+E x

God...Havent been on in ages and wont bore you with another miserable blog so will keep it as short as possible!!

Came to A+E on saturday lunchtime as I hadnt been able to move off the chair since getting up friday morning. Was not hungry at all and literally force feeding myself, coughing up lots of gunk and had no energy to even go upstairs to the toilet or my room - thats why me and scott slept on the living room floor friday night :)
Was in A+E for hours and then transferred up to my usual ward. All week, I didnt eat a full meal even though i have really tried, so this has affected my weight, and i wasnt able to get up out of bed until friday. Felt quite scared as it is a bad infection and my breathing was shit.

This weekend was much better and I have picked up quite abit and even got to go home with portable oxygen to spend a few hours with Scott and the doggies on valentines day but was knackered by the time i got back. We made our own valentines day cards which was lovely and meant alot. Obviously nothing else much has happened. Its a week until my PEG operation and im starting to poop myself but will hopeully fill you in before then.

x Lots of love x

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