Monday, 1 March 2010

x Still here x

3 weeks has gone and today I should be packing up my stuff and going home...that is not happening :(

Im fed up, still in mild pain, lonely and want to go home. I cant be bothered to write a full blog so will just pinpoint the main goings on. Well I did it and i had my peg fitted which is a tube into your stomach so that you can be fed overnight inorder to boost the amount of calories i have. Everything went to plan and after 2 days i finally plucked up the courage to look at it and touch it :)

There was a problem because my body inbetween my bottom of my lungs and stomach, lots of air had been trapped and they were worried that it was a leak from somewhere but it turns out it was just trapped from where they put the peg in so no more worries. The pain is still there after a week and dont even get me started on having to cough - it feels like someone is knifing me in the stomach each time. Bring on the painkillers!!

Because of the trapped air and i had a small lot of crap stuck in my lungs, my sats were dropping to 84 off the oxygen but the air is going down and i managed to shift some cap and today, i came off the oxygen :) yay!!! These are the reasons why i havent been allowed to go home yet. Even worse, is that the hospital is locked down with the norovirus so all visitors are banned, so im highly bored, lonely and fed up. Hopefully i will make it home in the next few days and will write to you all again soon and include pics of my new wound :)

If you're reading this, i just want to say thanks to my CF mates who helped put my mind at ease about having this done as i was terrified and just hope i manage to cope when i get home xx

x Lots of love x

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  1. when I had my peg put in I had loads of air too and the camera thingys kept popping out, so they had to cut my stomach open to put the peg in! I was not impressed when I woke up and had a scar accross my stomach! Anyway nevermind, long time ago now!
    No wonder you are lonley if you are not allowed any visitors :o(
    Hope you get out soon and start putting some weight on! xxxx