Tuesday, 30 March 2010

x Hopefully on the up?? x

Last week i didnt do too much to shout about really...just the usual treatments, physio...blah,blah,blah...i did go shopping as it was my mate's birthday so she needed lots of presents and i also popped into the nursery to see everyone...it looks lovely as they have done it all up...i got upset when i left as i miss it so much (the job and the people).

Monday I went for lunch with steph and then had an appointment at the jobcentre for a interview about applying for ESA - employment and support benefit. That was a waste of time as i just basically repeated what i had wrote on the form and told them that i sent of the medical questionnaire last week. I have to get a letter from the hospital saying why i cant work and then wait to hear from the jobcentre again. How the hell to people cheat the benefit people when i have to fight this hard for a geniuine claim!!

Today was hospital. Lets start with the good news.....my lung function has gone up....yyyaaaaaayyyyy!!!! Only a small increase from 20 - 24% but still in the right direction and this makes me want to work even harder. Weight stayed the same but they were happy with that and i did have an amazing bellyache yesterday so dont think that helped. The only worrying part was my PEG. It has to be turned once a week so when Lance turned it, it turned all the way round but then hurt abit and sprung back. Apparantly this means that there is an obstruction and that may mean my stomach has started to grow over the peg. If this totally happens, then the peg will have to be changed. Joy! Therefore, panic has started to set in...im trying hard not to think about it but watch this space :(

All in all, i am happy though! Have more energy and am up and about everyday wanting to do stuff, even if it is just cleaning the house lol. Not much planned for this week except more exercise!! Go me!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. Glad you are " in the pink". You have been through a lot.