Friday, 19 March 2010

x A month later.... x

Finally, after just over a month, I am home!!

I was not allowed home for ages!!! Bloody trapped air!! I felt fine but my sats were saying another thing. A 'normal' persons sats are about 97-100. Mine, when feeling well sit at about 92. The machine beeps at you telling you that oxygen is needed at 89. Mine was ranging from 85 and even dropped to 74 when waking up!!! How ridiculous and scary - no-one could understand it or give me any answers which made it more frustrating. The last week, I cried alot and felt so fed up. I tried really hard but thankfully, the air started to show signs of going down and by my discharge, my sats were, at their lowest 88.

I went home with oxygen (just incase)and ready to start weight gain and keep exercising!! Got home and went straight to bed as it was 10pm and went to set up the feed and they had sent the wrong tubes. The tubes i got were for a different pump so we had to ring the emergency helpline who eventually delivered at 3am!! What a great 1st night home!!

As soon as i got up, i booked my hair in and also unpacked my hospital bags and then packed them again because me and Scott managed to get a cheap holiday and we were leaving in a few days!!

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  1. Glad to hear you're home, hope the holiday goes well and you keep healthy! :)