Sunday, 21 March 2010

x Our little holiday x

Me and Scott got a cheap holiday away to Dymchurch and have just got back so I will tell you about it!

The holiday was from Monday to Friday but Scotts dad paid for us to stay in a Premier Inn in Hastings for the weekend. We got there at about 6pm saturday and went straight out to dinner and then had move the whole room around (dunno if that was allowed lol) because i had to be near a plug socket so i could have my overnight feed. Scott also had to get up at 6am to go out to reception to get my iv's out of the fridge - he is great :) Sunday we went into Hastings and looked around the shops and arcade then came back. We then read the papers, watched television, went out for dinner and then settled down for the night to watch 'Snakes on a plane'....this film is definatly not reccommended as its highly poop!

Monday we had to be out the room by midday and couldnt get in the caravan until 4pm so we headed off to a town nearby the site and found a Tescos and stocked up on food for the caravan. There was a river running past the back of Tescos so we took some bread and feed the ducks but got chased by seagulls too (now, i say chased, but i dont run so what i really did was sit there and scream lol).

Tuesday we went to Port Lymphe which is a big wildlife park. We got a safari bus to take us round to see most of the animals or i wouldnt have managed it and then they told us the gorillas were being fed. We walked down a big hill to the bottom of the park, watched the gorillas and then i realised i had to get back up the hill to go home. Oh dear!! God knows what other people must of thought of me and Scott...1st Scott was pulling me up the hill, then we walked up it sideways so it didnt feel like you was walking up a hill, and finally Scott went behind me and pushed me up...hahaha! Needless to say, I was absolutly shattered but was proud of myself! That night, my bloody feed machine kept beeping for no reason and nothing was wrong. I rang the helpline and they said it must be the pump and that they would send another one out, to which, i had to reply that i wasnt at home and that i was in a caravan in Dymchurch. The pump got delivered the next morning to reception and worked fine after that, but how bloody embarassing!!!

Wednesday was rest day! We ate lots, watched dvds and read books and magazines and then that night, we drove to the cinema to watch 'The Bounty Hunter' which was good :) For our last day, Thursday, we went into Ashford to a shopping centre and had a nice time around there and then spent the night watching tv and packing. Friday we left by 10am and got breakfast on the way home and before I went home, I had to go hospital.

All was well at the hospital. My sats were back to my normal of 92/93, and i had put on 2kg in a week so now weigh 45.2kg :) My lung function hadnt gone up which i wasnt happy with but it WILL go up...just wait and see!

So after the toughness of the last month, it was a great break away and me and Scott didnt kill each other so thats a good sign! I wouldnt go back to that caravan site, but it was nice to have experienced it, and it just shows that if you love someone that much, it doesnt matter where you are, you can still laugh and have a good time.

x Lots of love x

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