Monday, 5 April 2010

x What a difference a day makes!! x

I wish i could scream my head off...but my useless lungs will not let me!!

I have come to the conclusion that I am cursed or someone up there really hates me!! If you're wondering why I am moaning (yet again) then i will kindly explain...Tuesday night (after writing my last blog entry) I went upstairs to go to bed and start feed. My PEG had been turned in clinic that day and was abit sore before then and was being pulled inwards every time I stood up. Anyway I connected the tube and went to flush it through with water. It was a bit stiff so i pushed it more and it gave way and the water all came out the sides of my PEG from the hole in my belly...panic!! Lots of crying then followed along with cuddles from mummy and my brother danny.

The next day I spoke to Lance and Jen and they said it sounds like my stomach has grown over the inside of my PEG and it will have to be taken out and replaced with one with a water balloon basically...its blocked and fucked!! I will go under a general again so they can look down inside my stomach to check what is going on, then cut away the other PEG and replace the new one. It wont hurt much as it is using the same hole as before so hopefully, if everything goes ok, i will only have to be in hospital for a few days. Luckily I am still feeling 'well' and am eating fine. The PEG is pulling from the inside so it hurts and i am back to walking like an old lady, all bent over which is giving me backache!!

I have had a good few days though and am still happy. On thursday, me and mummy went shopping at Lakeside and brought lots of things :) and had a great time. All weekend was spent with Scott apart from when I went to Daddys pub on saturday to watch Chelsea beat Man united...was a great day!! Last night (Sunday), me, mummy, danny and scott went to see Clash of the Titans in 3d. It was a good film actually although I got told off for being immature the film, the city they lived in was called Argos and when they talked about it, it sounded like they were off shopping in Argos, so I laughed and Scott told me to shut up...well...i found it amusing :)

Today, I have an amazing bellyache! Part is a typical CF bellyache, part is the PEG and part is because it is girl week!! Will find out tomorrow when my PEG will be changed and they are hoping to do it this week, so my next blog may be from hospital!! Fun times!!

x Lots of love x

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  1. Really bad news about the PEG. At least you won't have long to wait. You are due a break.