Monday, 19 April 2010

x Im still here!!! x

God i havent been on here in ages....last week was a 'nothing' week really as my PEG is hurting so i basically sat there and moaned alot while swallowing painkillers and bothering the hospital about sorting something out!! It worked and i am on the surgery list for 27th April which is still another few weeks away bt at least something is happening!! My chest is still ok and im eating ok still.

Not really much more has happened to me that i can think off. Last week was my doggies 2nd birthday :) and Scott managed to get through on the phone to the PCSO recruitment line and he has an application form to join up. I really hope he gets past the first stage and eventually gets it as he wants it so much...i think he is perfect for the job, but i suppose i am biased!!

I havent really wrote much in this blog or 2 reasons:
1 - because my laptop has decided to break so i have nicked my brothers one while he is at college but its annoying me
2 - i have to go out to do some errands!! I have to go put a prescription in at the doctors, take my laptop to a man in a shop and cry until he fixes it, and then book tickets for the train to Malaga for our holiday in June :) Yes, we are getting a train because i DONT fly....i am petrified and refuse to put myself through the stress!

x Lots of love x

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