Thursday, 4 February 2010

x Ouchy!! x

Ouch, ouch ouch!!!
I am in pain so am pissed off really!

Friday night I suddenly developed a full blown blocked nose when I came home from the theatre so didnt sleep at all. Saturday morning I came down and slept on the sofa and just sat around in a bit of a daze really watching tv and reading. Saturday night I made a big effort to have a shower and go for a meal and to the pictures with Scott and his friend Danny and girlfriend Debbie. We went nandos and I had a arguement as they had ran out of butter for my corn on the cob - knobs! - and then we saw MEl Gibsons new film Edge of Darkness which was good but made me jump a few times!! It was a nice relaxing night but just wish i didnt feel like death!! Sunday was the same - just resting and went up dads pub and nearly fell asleep so had to go home :)

Monday morning I woke up with a very bad pain at the bottom of my left lung. Normally if i have been coughing alot, this is where i would pull a muscle so thats what I thought it was. However, by the night, it felt different, because when i coughed, the bottom of the lung was rattling and was really sore so i had trouble sleeping again. Tuesday morning, it was worse and i was close to tears, so spoke to Lance and he told me to come hospital for xrays and check-up.

Anyway, turns out i have pleurisy!! I am abit relieved as both me and Lance admitted we were worried it was a collapsed lung but god does this hurt!! I am now dosed up on strong painkillers, an anti-inflamitry, and oral antibiotics just in case. My cough is terrible as i havent been able to cough properly and clear my chest as it was too painful so now i sound like a train :)

In happier news - Legally blonde was great and really funny. The dogs in it were sooo cute and i so need a bulldog!! I have always loved them but this has just made me love them even more! Me and Scott arent going to buy pressies for valentines day as its so hard to buy for boys :/ so we are making each other cards!! Haha! Wish me luck (and wish Scott luck - he is not exactly the arts and crafts type lol)!!

x Lots of love x

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