Tuesday, 26 January 2010

x My date is set! x

23rd February is my PEG date so 3 weeks of worrying will now start! However, I am kind of glad its been set but i just want to worrying to be over and the road to recovery and fatness to begin!

Clinic was poop - I wasnt nervous about it as i am feeling ok chestwise although I have had a few bad bellyaches over the past couple of weeks. My weight was down to 44kg even though ive been eating *screams* and dont even get me started on my lung function!! I did 2 blows and they both didnt read on the machine for some reason...the 3rd one registered and i did a 4th one for luck but that didnt read either. So i had one result which read 21% but it was my 3rd blow and i was knackered so im not believing it :) Doctor said my chest sounded fine - yay - and then we spoke more about the PEG.

I HATE diabetes!!! I havent been told much about it so dont know how to manage it that well and im a complicated case at the moment apparantly - fantastic!! So, I have a appointment next week with the diabetes team and have to do loads of blood sugar tests everyday and write down everything I eat and the portions.

In everyday news, I have applied for Employment support which is the new benefit instead of income support, which took an hour on the phone and now waiting for them to send me stuff through the post. I really didnt want to apply as it makes me feel worse - im 21 years old and applying for benefits because im too ill to work - thats crap! Hope im only on it for a little while!!

The rest of my week has consisted of eating, lots of ironing (as my ironing draw collapsed under the weight of clothes - opps), de-cluttering my room, and sorting out my medicine cupboard. Now, as other CF sufferers know - this job took bloody hours!! Cant think of anything else to say at the moment except im excited about friday as me and my best friend Steph are off to see Legally Blonde at the theatre :) Thats twice in 1 month that ive been to the theatre now - im getting posh ;)

x Lots of love x


  1. If you need any help with filling in the ESA form please shout.
    K x

  2. wahoo! Alright peggy ;o)or is that posh-y?
    God I hate the benefits system, hope you manage to get it sorted!