Wednesday, 20 January 2010

x Think positive!! x

Yay!! My iv's have finished and Lance took the needle out today and I was finally able to have a proper shower after 2 weeks which was great :)

Havent really done much in general - little bit of shopping, have been playing on the wii-fit plus and sorting out my messy room and the mountain of ironing which has built up seeing as i havent had the energy to do it what with being unwell. I did some today though and plan on doing another handful tomorrow after visiting daddy at the pub.

Oh of course the bestest news - we have finally booked a holiday!!! Woohoo im so excited i need to go now! There is 10 people going and we have all got a villa in Spain right near malaga. There is me and Scott, 2 other couples and 4 other boys who are going for the party side of things (one of them being my little brother!! haha how funny). He cant wait and he will only have just turned 18 when we go in June. Picture of the villa:

Now for the main news - the PEG!!

Well Lance and Jen came round on Monday as i had agreed to have it and they told me that it may be possible to do it next this point, i nearly pooed myself as it was a shock that it would be that quick. We talked alot about it and most of my questions were answered but as soon as they went, i began to panic and rang and texted everyone close to me for help!! Most said it was a good thing to get it out the way but i still needed to get my head round it. However, when Lance came round today, he said it wouldnt be next week but would hopefully be within the next few weeks and that they could hopefully give me a date when I go clinic on Tuesday.

I am attempting to look at the positives at the PEG and try not to worry. I am doing it for the benefit of me, it should help in many areas of my health, and will take of lots of pressure and nagging!! I have lots i could say on the subject but i will leave it for now and try to stop thinking about it as I cant do much about it - its gonna happen so I will deal with things as they come.

x Lots of love x

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