Friday, 1 January 2010

x Piss off 2009 - here's to 2010 x

Happy New Year everyone!!

I am so glad this year is over. What a shit year (healthwise) it has been so next year has got to be better, hasnt it??

Sum up of 2009 - Went into hospital in March and also got MRSA. The drugs used to treat this gave me a big allergic reaction, which was a big rash from head to toe which lasted at least a month after the drugs stopped. Was back in hospital in June for a routine 2 week IV course. In July, my lung function dropped from in the 30's to the 20's with no real explanation. August, one of my best friends Vicky lost her long, hard battle with Cystic Fibrosis which broke my heart and still does to this day. September was another hospital admission of 3 weeks because it was a bad infection and i had to give up my great job at the nursery as it was making me ill. October finally diagnosed me with CF related diabetes. In November, I lost another close friend Anna to CF and finally, December was another hospital admission and a partly collapsed lung. Wellllll.....i think thats everything!!

Dont get me wrong I have had such good times in 2009 too. I graduated university with a 2:1, I got a new car on the disability allowance, I had a great 21st, my daddy took over a pub :) and I got fitted with a portacath, which i hope will be easier for me to have IVs and less hospital admissions!! I am also thankful that everyone I love in my family is still around and my brilliant boyfriend of nearly 4 years is still by my side and amazing as ever.

Havent really got anything more to say or i cant think of anything else lol....hoping 2010 is much better healthwise. I am trying my hardest and will continue to do so as its quite scary when you really think about things :(

x Lots of love x

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