Wednesday, 30 December 2009

x Christmas x

I havent wrote in ages!! Ive been so busy!!

Managed to come home on Monday 21st as planned as was looking forward to seeing everyone from home but then the snow decided to show itself!! No-one could move or come down apart from my fabulous boyfriend who walked down here with the doggies!! The run up to xmas day was made as i had to wrap everything, check everything that i had ordered online from hospital and get the last little bits and pieces from shops.

Christmas day was great!! Was spoilt by mummy, daddy, scott and his family. Scott picked me up from my house at 11am (still couldnt drive as i was too sore and stiff) and we went to his and came back to mine by 1pm. We had xmas dinner mmmmmmm.... and then went up to see Daddy and spent xmas evening in the pub!! How great :) By boxing day, i was knackered and did absolutly nothing!!!

Since leaving hospital which is just over a week ago now, i have already been coughing alot and its really got me down. Sometimes you just think 'give me a break!!'. I had clinic yesterday anyway so went along sulking and not looking forward to what they were going to say. Turns out it wasnt too bad - my weight was the same which i was happy with considering how shit i was feeling and i didnt do lung function. The coughing is due to when the top bit of my left lung had collapsed and now it had expanded back, it was still clogged up from before - great!! Got some oral antibiotics to help so am really hoping they work. Lance took the rest of the plasters off from over the stitches and they look fine - im actually pleased!!

Also on a CF matter, I spent most of Sunday night quite teary.... A girl called Jessica Wales, 20 years old, has been waiting for a lung transplant for 4 years. She was taken really ill just before xmas and spent it in hospital. On sunday, it was said that she had taken a turn for the worse and people were really worried she wouldnt make it through the night. Just before i went to bed, i looked at some facebook statuses on my phone and one of them said that she was having a transplant! I went to get the laptop and had a look for myself and it was true. She had been called in the evening to say that there were some lungs for her and it turns out they were a match and she was currently in theatre! As i write this, she is in intensive care but stable. I dont even know her that well but have followed her story but it still made me teary and it just shows you, never give up and miracles can sometimes really happen.

I am looking forward to New Years as me and Scott (and hopefully my best mate Steph and her bf) are off to Canterbury to dance!! Will let you know how it goes!!

x Lots of love x

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