Sunday, 6 December 2009

x Hospital has come early x

Argh!!! Where do I start...cant believe i havent updated this thing in 2 weeks nearly but hopefully u will forgive me once i tell u why!!

First of all I have to mention that on Saturday 28th November morning, my beautiful friend Anna Le-Ontour lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis aged just 22 - due to be 23 on 1st December. She fought so hard over this past year which included her being ventilated twice and her heart stopping many times a day for a few weeks. Despite this, she pulled through and managed to get home. However, her lungs had been damaged and at the end her lung function was only 9% and it was all too much for her. Right up until the end she refused to give up and kept smiling and in good spirits for her family and friends. I miss you so much already Anna but ive got my card from you and the memories will never leave.

Without that weekend being hard enough, my chest got worse and i was getting more and more breathless but was due to come into hospital on the 7th anyway. Icouldnt hold on the extra week as it would have been spent just sitting at home anyway so, with alittle pushing from mummy and lance, I came in on Monday. After a week of ivs im starting to feel human again....i havent been online much as its so busy in hospital and the ivs make me sick before i get better but my chest is clearer so its going the right way.

This weekend I managed to meet up with the girlies from work to have our xmas meal. I cant say how nice it was to see them all again and how much i miss them all. Also dragged myself out of bed early this morning (sunday) to complete a 5km walk for Cystic Fibrosis around Greenwich Park. We did it in an hour and a half with the aid of my wheelchair!! It was brilliant and so funny to see hundreds of santas. The weather was terrible when i woke up but by the time we got there it had stopped raining and the sun actually managed to pop out!! Pictures and videos to come soon.

I think thats it for now as im tired and off to find something to eat in this place...just want to send lots of love to some other CF girls who are having a tough time at the moment too...lots of love Gemma, Victoria and Jenni!!!!


  1. aww thanks. Well done on doing the walk! You have more in you than me!
    I hope next year is going to be better for all of us before lets face it, December has been pretty rubbish so far! xx

  2. Thank you!! I'm feeling much better, here's hoping we all feel fab for christmas xx